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Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I went to The Art of Video Games exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C. yesterday with my brother. I'll upload more of the video we took when I get back from the two-week road trip I'm leaving for tomorrow, but I wanted to show off one of my favorite things at the exhibit: the guestbook. This guestbook was laid out for visitors to sign just a few days before on August 30th, and it already had quite a few people write in it. There are a lot of nice messages in there, along with people mentioning their favorite games or drawing their most beloved characters. It's a little lengthy, but I recommend checking it out to see what fellow enthusiasts had to say about the exhibit and video games in general. You can see my brother and I put our own messages in at the end.

I didn't see any mentions of Giant Bomb in there (I'll do that when I return to the exhibit later this month), but someone did draw the NeoGAF logo!

Go to the 15:00 mark for my hilarious suggestions for what my brother should write.

Has anyone else from Giant Bomb visited the exhibit? It's pretty well done. It goes on tour in October and I recommend you check it out if you're able to.

Posted by ZombiePie

wrote up a nice blog about his tour of this Smithsonian exhibit. That said I am adamantly against attending anything related to The Smithsonian Institute, as a history major, primarily for it's pro-Edison stance on the "Current Wars" and its inherent bias on other social issues.

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Posted by Gold_Skulltulla

Yeah, I made mention of the show around here when it first opened, but didn't get a ton of response. Maybe there's not a big GB contingency in DC though. The show is totally worth seeing. I mean, it's free, c'mon. I went during the opening, so it's cool to see the guest book filled in so far.

I worked at the Smithsonian for 3 years (left just a month ago to move to NY) and have to say that due to the size of the Institution, individual museums make their own curatorial choices. Sounds like your beef is with the National Museum of American History, which I had very little association with. I was at the Hirshhorn (modern and contemporary art) which has really stepped up it's game this year. Sorry, had to come to the defense a little bit there.

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

I'll be going back near the end of the month before it goes on tour. I'm going to check out the guestbook again since that was one of my favorite parts, and I'm going to take my 3DS since I got a bunch of streetpasses last time. I want to get video of the older consoles I didn't get to check out. All in all, the voters chose wisely for most of the stuff there.