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Posted by Kosayn

It seems like there's some kind of half-year window after a console's launch in which a tank game is strangely profitable. Because there always is one. It's like a system benchmark - can represent tanks.

Posted by Nephrahim

@ck1nd said:

The picture thing makes this look half-way retarded, but I think the core game-play looks fun with a couple of friends.

I agree. The game actually looks good, except for the stupid portraits they're sticking above everyone.

Posted by takua108

I came expecting Cowboy Bebop opening theme and left disappointed.

Posted by Zohar

Is this what happens when Japanese people take speed?

Posted by MattClassic

Reminds me of BattleTanx on the N64, which is a good thing, because 4-player was awesome in it.

Posted by fitzcarraldo

these new BF3 maps look AMAZING

Posted by RetroVirus

Comment! Comment! Comment! ...Yeah sorry guys that's all I got.

Posted by evanbower

I feel like this game has an amazing TNT in its future.

Posted by DrJota

Man,there goes my idea for Tank!Tank!Tank! as an endless Cowboy Bebop setlist on Rock Band.Oh well...

Edited by felakuti4life

All my heroes are weirdos.

Posted by brentgett

I played this in my local arcade in Japan a month or so ago and it was ummm yeah.

Posted by selbie

@Slab64 said:

Only Alex would reference !!!, what a hipster.


Posted by AlexanderSheen

@takua108 said:

I came expecting Cowboy Bebop opening theme and left disappointed.

Nice one.

Posted by EchoEcho

@Bumpton said:

@icytower38 said:

I was getting a Battle Tanx vibe from some of that, even it's over the top at the same time.

Hah, I was gonna say the same thing. I actually think this looks really fun.

Also, the most impressive next gen graphics ever.

Ah, dammit. I was hoping to be the first one to reference BattleTanx. Thems were the days...

Posted by Coldman

I applaud that video description. R.I.P. Jerry :'(

Posted by A_Dungeon


Posted by mortal_sb

@RitzkriegRap said:

I applaud that video description. R.I.P. Jerry :'(

fuck man, jerry was the nicest dude :(

Posted by jmic75

This kind of looks terrible.

Posted by BBAlpert

Anyone else getting a bit of a Trenched vibe from this? At least from the first part?

Posted by Helios1337

So is this a pack in mini-game? Surely it's not a full retail game.

Posted by elko84

If this is about 4 players being in tanks, why isn't it called Tank! Tank! Tank! Tank!

Posted by Agent_Eli


Posted by Jack_Lafayette

All I could think about was how many gyrating dick pics there are going to be in this game.