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Posted by SpunkyHePanda

Seems pretty rad, but after Diablo 3, the idea of being penalized for trying out new skills seems really outdated to me. Guess I'll grab that respec mod.

Posted by Zuldim

"There aren't any plans to charge for any future DLC unless it's a full proper expansion pack."

Yaaaay! I think game companies have gotten way too DLC happy as of late (and I don't even have a problem with it conceptually).

Edited by CircleNine

Max Schaefer of Runic was over at Gamespot earlier today where he was showing off about an hour of play for Torchlight 2. If you played the beta, you won't see anything new in terms of levels, but its interesting enough to listen to him talk about it and answer some questions. You can watch it here, but what seemed to stick it from it was:

  • Playing through the game on veteran mode (hard mode) will take about 24 hours. They didn't specify if this was solo or co-op but it seems like you'll get a decent amount of time out of it. Schaefer was trying to clear the game on veteran with each class before the games release and this was the amount of time he said that it took around.
  • They've specialized the skill trees more, making it so that if you invest more points into a single skill you get tier bonuses after 5, 10, and 15 points spent in it. In the video, the only thing I saw from it was that the basic boomerang blade thing whatever move that the Outlander has gains additional bounces before it disappears.
  • Did you play the beta? You know the monsters with the "On hit shit out loads of really hard to see to be able to dodge lightning bolts" trait? That's not an issue anymore, it's way more visible so you don't have to squint to see them and be able to avoid them.
  • New game+ will retain your current character for a second playthrough, and the difficulty will scale according to your level. You'll be an estimated level 50 after your first playthrough, and your second should bring you up around 80 or so it seems like.
  • Respeccing is remaining limited to the last 3 points you spent once you hit level 10. They want people to really commit to a build with the work that they've put into the skill tree. Though they also acknowledge that one of the first mods out will be a respec potion.
  • There aren't any plans to charge for any future DLC unless it's a full proper expansion pack.