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Posted by Video_Game_King

@ahoodedfigure said:

If it were a drug we'd take it all the time (and I wonder if anything would ever get done :) ).

It is a drug.

Posted by fox01313

While it often seems to me that there's a few things with the crafting, mystic forge & armor upgrades that could use a little better explanation in Guild Wars2. Between the sheer size of the world with the scaling feature that makes the world challenging wherever you go keeps Guild Wars2 quite fun for me. Going back to an earlier dungeon or zone for some quest reward armor set to craft, due to the level scaling, forces the game to stay at a challenge always to keep it from getting stale by just breezing through it with a higher level character while leaving you access to any higher level skills to give you enough variety in gameplay.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
@fox01313: Exactly that, it seems to never end and always stay fun.
Made a Ranger and joined WvW on level 10, been playing for a while now and I'm level 30 from just WvW and I'm having so much fun! Not to mention I can still win some 1vs1's and help out with other stuff when I can't compete! I love it!
@CL60: How am I lucky? He's gone back to England already and MAYBE I'll see him again with christmas, but that's a big maybe. All I got now is Guild Wars 2 and a painful wait. :(
I enjoyed the time we had though, that counts for a lot!
Posted by Tennmuerti

You were right.

The trend of constant bitching is getting annoying. I just only now started noticing it. Constructive criticism and discussion is one thing, but the bitching about new popular games that are quite decent is getting to be almost toxic. Half the threads in the game boards are people complaining. And usually the more people that are playing the more bitching there is, % wise. The less popular games thankfully suffer less.

I''ve now even seen completely misguided complaints on game's mechanics, from people that have not even played the game they are complaining about. Tiny things get out of proportion. A glitched enemy is equated to a game having bad AI overall. A single leftover issue is now a company fixing completely the wrong things in the sequel (when most of the things people asked for was addressed actually). The hyperboles just keep coming. And i though Darksiders 2 was pushing it, jeez.

When did it start getting so negative.

Fuck. >.>



Posted by Video_Game_King

@Tennmuerti said:

When did it start getting so negative.

It's always been negative.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
@Tennmuerti: I'm glad you're beginning to see it! People are more content bitching about games than actually playing them or working to overcome issues (especially in MMO's). I've seen some silly stuff happening in Borderlands 2 in the few hours I put in, Darksiders 2 glitched a lot for me and countless other games but never have I ignored a game because of it.
Even better, stuff like Alpha Protocol is a cult hit even despite its many bugs/glitches (which I found were very minor or not even game changing).
Be sure to not contribute to the bad trend and try to stay positive/constructive yourself!