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Posted by Jeff

It's Tokyo Game Show time, and that means a handful of new trailers and some bits of information about the future of your favorite console devices. In case you missed it, Sony had a little get-together last night where multiple Gundam games were discussed and, yes, a new hardware revision for the PlayStation 3 was announced. I actually think the new PS3 looks pretty neat, but I'm trying to put my "buy the same console a zillion times because OH MAN YOU NEED THE CLEAR BLUE ONE" days behind me. Speaking of which, here's a photo of the clear blue PlayStation 2 I bought in Japan, not that long before they revised the hardware all over again and put out smaller PS2s in shiny, car-paint-like colors. Uh... excuse the dust, I guess.

Anyway, so I was digging through the spot where Sony leaves its trailers and other assets for people like me who run websites and... well, that's pretty much it. With that press conference out of the way and TGS in the air, I figured there would be something new there to grab. As it turns out, there's a Puppeteer trailer. But along with a set of poorly labeled videos--stuff like "UC3T3DRF17_1080_SXS," for example--there was a little ZIP file marked "PS3 Stand." My heart skipped a beat and I immediately forgot about that other video, which is probably some sort of Uncharted 3 thing, now that I think about it. I had to have PS3 Stand. Because it could only contain my favorite thing in the known universe--photos of a PlayStation 3 stand. And with a new PS3 comes... a new stand. Behold! Stand_Side.tif!

I'm still shaking. Seriously, I'm totally losing it over here. Look at that thing! It screws into stuff and keeps stuff standing up! Yet it sits there, slim as hell and totally humble about its notable role. But hey, I know you want to see more. So hows about I get out of your way and we all take a look at Stand_Top.tif, huh?

Ka-pow! Boom! Bet you didn't think it was going to be shiny, did you? That's craftsmanship, right there. I don't know if this webring gives out a Stand of the Year award, but if it did, I'm pretty sure I'd call it right here. Can any other stand compare? Oh well, we'll probably never know and I guess there's nothing left to talk about so I'll just OH GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THIS

Holy moly, is that Stand_Slanting.tif? It's so... jaunty! That rakish tilt lets you know that this stand might be all business at the office, but once that clock gets punched it's tiiiime to party! Scorpion bowls for everybody, we're goin' all niiiiiiight!

I have to admit, though, that I'm a bit melancholy about all this stand business. And that's because Sony's greatest stand hasn't been matched. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. The PS2 horizontal stand. The greatest stand to ever stand something that didn't need to be standed. The stand of stands! Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is a secret love letter to this stand because it's so full of people talking about their stands! Let's take a moment, reflect on true greatness, and then move on with our day, shall we? I give you... the horizontal stand.

Man, that's some hot carpet right there, too. I hope you are having a terrific Wednesday.

Edited by hampus

just what i was waiting for, looks much better standing up

edit: wait, what? how can i be first? and i didn't even go after that quest ..

Posted by eXit13

Why , just why -_- ...

Edited by MooseyMcMan

Cool, I guess.

Also, Giant Bomb dot com remains the best website out there for things like this.

Edited by zombie2011

I stared at the image of the PS2 for a good minute until i realized that wasn't the new PS3 design.

I'm so dumb.

Posted by Dj

That gradiant is pure greatness.

Posted by LostFlock

Might need to upgrade now.

Posted by jschmoe

Man, those are hot.

Posted by DoctorSage

Jeff, I love you.

Posted by Sparkul



IM TOssing My Xbox out the window, that stand is the only way to set your console vertically.

Posted by MisterSamMan

Give a standing ovation for Sony.

Posted by Eojay

Hot damn.

Posted by mcmax3000

I feel like this kind of quality reporting completely justifies that first premium membership I just bought last week.

Posted by Nonentity

I have a horizontal stand. I am very proud of it.

Posted by munocard

SCOOPS! Klepek gonna be jealous!

Posted by mozzle

Finally, I can now stack my systems into a daunting and overbearing tower.

Posted by MeierTheRed

Man i finally have some confirmation that it can stand vertically, been wrapping my head around that question all day. Thanks Jeff, now i can sleep tonight.

Posted by thirteenyahs

mmmmm those shots are real clean. what's the bottom of it look like...

Posted by tyxja

I think Jeff might be losing it.

Posted by clumsyninja1

Stands don't care!

Posted by Sweep


How much did Sony/Microsoft pay you to write this, Jeff?

Posted by heatDrive88


Posted by BatmanBatman

That's Techknowledge right there !!!

Posted by KarlPilkington

@tylerjacob said:

I think Jeff might be losing it.

He's already lost it.

Posted by Draxyle

I'm liking this new wave of Jeff's "news" reports.

Posted by ShadowConqueror

More like BOREizontal stand.

Posted by Y2Ken

Damn, these are some fine Stand shots.

Posted by Spike_Kojima

I bought a vertical PS2 stand ,I believe before launch ? Because I needed to have something officially Sony PlayStation 2 ® related in my possession more than I could deal with emotionally. It was beautiful .

Posted by FluxWaveZ

@tylerjacob said:

I think Jeff might be losing it.

This is a likely possibility.

Stand looks neat, I think. Though I'm not too into the idea of standing consoles outside of the Wii, so I'm not sure I'd use it if I had the newer Slim.

Posted by Milkman


Posted by NyxFe

As a huge JoJos fan, I have to say that nothing gets me excited quite like a stand.

Posted by GreggD

Love everything about this article. Oh, sorry. "Article".

Posted by Video_Game_King

@Jeff said:

Man, that's some hot carpet right there.

I thought this was a family site!

Posted by chilibean_3

I am having a pretty terrific Wednesday. Thanks, Jeff.

Posted by csl316

I can't stand this news.

Posted by fluxbit

Jeff, you just made my Wednesday.

Posted by DrDarkStryfe

The stands deliver.

Posted by Goldanas


Makes me want to get a new PS3 and a whole new entertainment center just so I could have the room to STAND.

Posted by Manhattan_Project

Where do I make submissions for that video game journalism award thing?

Posted by Manlyzar

it's beautiful

Posted by Szlifier

Any info on turnable PS logo?

Posted by BananaHace

Jeff, how do you think this will stand on it's own? I mean we all know Sony's performance has been a bit wobbly recently and that they've needed something to help secure shareholders. Personally, I think if they mount a new campaign on this new innovation, they'll be able to bolster their way back into a more stable position.

Posted by Salesmunn

I OWN THE STAND FOR THE PRODUCT THAT DID NOT NEED TO BE STANDED! I bought said stand simply because it was completely ridiculous.

Posted by megalowho

I was going to call bullshit, but those photos do seem to check out. They're subject to change without notice though, so I'll believe the stand when I see it.

Posted by fluxbit

@Milkman said:


Is it weird I thought you wrote piping hot poop?

Edited by evanbower

PS3: Do It Standing Up.

But in all seriousness, this is the best article I've read in a long time. Bless you, Jeff.

Posted by awesomeusername
Posted by Milkman

@fluxbit said:

@Milkman said:


Is it weird I thought you wrote piping hot poop?

I know a guy who can get you one of those too.

Posted by Hells

Pshh, I'm going to hold off until they release the wall mount ;)

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