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Posted by BitterAlmond

This looks so janky.

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Can't wait to kick an animals Ass(es)

Posted by prestonhedges

Patrick: "This kind of game would never exist outside of Japan. And it wouldn't be so deathly serious."


Posted by Sushi0

This was beautiful. My life will only start to make sense again when I play this game.

Posted by Strife777

Dude! I gotta get this.

Posted by Bummey

GOTY 2012!

Posted by BGFH

Sold! This game looks crazy, and really fun. It reminds me of a modern, HD version of Animal Leader, or Cubivore in the US. Giant Bomb should do a retro Quick Look of that game one day.

Posted by Legendary

For a second I thought that picture with the dog and race horse, that dog was hanging itself because the race horses have freed themselves.

Posted by OllyOxenFree
@BGFH said:

Sold! This game looks crazy, and really fun. It reminds me of a modern, HD version of Animal Leader, or Cubivore in the US. Giant Bomb should do a retro Quick Look of that game one day.

Yeah that's what I was thinking. Kinda like a spiritual successor to Cubivore.
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Posted by HarlequinRiot

Weird question, but why do Japanese UIs tend to look so similar? There's seems to be a common font many use and they tend to be very linear. Just an odd thing I've noticed over the years.

Posted by Jeric

Holy shit, this game is one of the most original titles I've seen in a while. Its gameplay seems like it has a large learning curve, but it'd be fun at the same time. Definitely getting it.

Posted by RetroVirus

Downloadable GOTY. Callin' it!

Posted by bushlemon

God damn this looks awesome

Posted by kkotd

This game alone may make me rebuy a PS3.

Posted by Nephrahim

This looks super fun and makes me sad I don't have a PS3.

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I'd have loved to hear Jeff/patrick react to finding out the deer gets a DOUBLE JUMP or using the decoy maneuver (your controlled animal basically hammers one of his brothers and then flees while they're getting eaten)

only other thing I might have asked is he find the tribe of cats wearing hard hats using them as shields

Oh, or the deer sneaking around by flipping a recycle bin over and hiding under it Ala metal gear XD

.... You know what? I agree with the endurance run guy, you guys gotta come back to this at least a bit

Posted by Landon

I unironically think this game looks kinda awesome.

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Posted by big_jon

What the fuck!?

Posted by bybeach

I didn't take to the 1/2 I saw. IDK, it looked like it actually played okay but to have 'clean kill' when the aggressor(a gazelle or whatever) didn't kill anything, struck me as sloppy. Also came off to me as a novelty game. I got some Borderland2 going on right now, feeling rather bad about interupting another good game, Sleepind Dawgs, and I'm looking forward to Dishonored.

Too much of the good stuff to play a summertime blues type game like this, as oddly unique as it was I guess.

Posted by siLVUR

I...want this game.

Posted by Nephrahim

Did someone say Tokyo Jungle endurance run?

I'm on board. Let's go.

Posted by Eirikr

I want to watch this quick look so bad, but the irony is I can't because I need to prepare for my own trip to Tokyo later today. I will be cautious of any pomeranians I see. (and demons)

Posted by dyong

Having recently gotten into Dungeons of Dredmore and FTL, seeing a game like this which looks just as hard and rewarding makes me feel delighted.

Posted by ChrisHarris

I must have this.

Posted by Dennissavage

Finally we get Metal Deer Solid.

Posted by Camsampbell

My girlfriend saw this and called it 'Nintendogs for sadists'.

Posted by Huzzabari

This is going to be good!

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I'm so glad my roommate has a PS3.

I love the way Jeff totally gets into the mindset of that deer.

Posted by Eagle246

Pig Don't Care!

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Mmmmyeah...I think I'd only enjoy this the same way I enjoyed Deadly Premonition, as in watching other people play it, so...pass?

Posted by Tsuchikage

Weirdest darn game I've ever seen. I want this.

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I am on this day 1. :D

Eat many grasses.

Posted by afrofools

Reminds me of Gran Turismo in a weird way... I think it's the animal garage.

Posted by defcomm

"That's all it takes. It's just an average female; that's why. Also, I'm a boss" - Jeft Gerstmann

Posted by phrosnite

My favourite dog - Pomeranian <3

Posted by PandaShake

So awesome! Wonder if house cat is playable. This reminds me of those old pc game where you're a fish and you eat smaller fishes to survive.

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Posted by thebatmobile


I need this game to come to PC.

Posted by ComradeKhan

Metal Deer Solid

Posted by kozmo7

This is one of the best games I've seen this year. Incredible.

Posted by Kaigan

Is it going to be out on the EU PSN?

This looks fucking awesome.

Posted by marbleCmoney

This game is totally nuts, but it looks awesome.

Posted by Tebbit

@ComradeKhan said:

Metal Deer Solid

God dammit.

Posted by Davin

I would have never known this game even existed if it wasn't for Giant Bomb. ;__; Thank you!

Posted by m2cks

@csl316 said:

The toxicity, of our city!

System of a Deer

Posted by Rigas

Even if it's only mediocre this will be the greatest game ever!

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Posted by Korolev

Boss Deer.