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Posted by allodude

@WSGEXE: Pleasantly 90s.

Posted by davo

This seems all right, despite being a bit buggy in a couple of places. I just hope the UI translates well over to PC. I'm seeing a lot of...big menus.

Posted by Peanut

@MormonWarrior said:

But will I, the core gamer, enjoy it? I'm unconvinced.

Listen, buddy! There's a level of obsession you need to have before you can grab that tag. Play some more Halo, Mass Effect, or Skyrim and get back to me.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

I could really use this game right now. The demo is underwhelming inasmuch as it's just the tutorial.

Posted by MormonWarrior

But will I, the core gamer, enjoy it? I'm unconvinced.

Edited by WSGEXE
Posted by jaks

Not embarrassed to admit I'm touching myself.

Posted by BluPotato

First time I've seen this game in action and it looks goddamn amazing and seems to be a worth successor to the XCOM legacy.

Posted by Joby21

Nice bottle of Bookers!

Posted by Scotto

I love when they do quick looks with guys who are actually fans of the website. Big Jeffrey was a deep GB cut, but referring to Alex as "Nic Cage" was arguably even deeper.

Also, the game looks badass.

And Firaxis, please re-release SimGolf on Steam in widescreen and for modern Windows/OSX. Playing the original game on Windows 7 is janky as fuck, but SimGolf still rules.

Posted by buzz_clik

@Fram said:

Firaxis dude sounds uncannily like Dave Snider at times.

You read my mind!

Posted by CJduke

Just finished the demo. Game seems great!

Posted by WSGEXE

I never would have expected such tough-looking dudes to have even heard of XCOM.

Posted by RetroVirus

I need this game now!

Posted by bushpusherr

US Pipe is such a good fucking name haha

Posted by CaptRocketblaze

Big Jeffrey got out of the roller coaster park to kill aliens... Yup, sounds about right.

Posted by Fram

Firaxis dude sounds uncannily like Dave Snider at times.

Posted by Encephalon

Big Jeffrey!

That's a deep cut, Garth. I approve.

Posted by Abendlaender

Nope, not gonna watch this. Pre-ordered the game already, so I wont be spoiled by this.

Posted by AllanIceman

Missed this. glad it's up so quick.

Posted by Nettacki
@wisdumcube said:

What? This was live?! When did this happen?

It just happened today. Like, about 6 hours ago as of now.
Posted by myslead

missed all of it :(

so excited though

Posted by Cybexx

I'll watch this while downloading the demo. Thanks GiantBomb!

Posted by wisdumcube

What? This was live?! When did this happen?

Edited by MrBen

55 minutes... Hell yes. This looks great. SOLD.

Posted by Ceno

Vinny was the first to die :-(

Posted by MiniPato

@GuyIncognito said:

EX :(

A good EX though cause the dev guys are cool and joke casually. Ryan actually sounds more like a PR guy than any of them in this quick look because he seems to love the game so much and can't stop talking in depth about it.

Posted by mlarrabee

I missed most of it, so I was hoping it would be uploaded today!

Edited by Fluttercry

Oh sweet! This is the game I've been looking forward to the most this year.

Posted by GuyIncognito

EX :(

Posted by BlueStriped

The Future

Edited by CaptainErock


...as in sweet mother of mystery!....finally got it.