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Nintendo has already given Mario the paper treatment by releasing their slew of RPG's in the Paper Mario series. What if Nintendo gave the Warioware series the paper treatment? What would the game be like? Well, we don't know for sure but the iOS game Albert can give us a glimpse of what a Paper Warioware game would be like. I say this because Albert is a collection of mini games with a paper cut-out art style to go along with it! Don't let the game's graphical style fool you into thinking this is a kid's game. The mini games that they present you with can give you a challenge if you want to gain three stars.

You are basically following Albert around during his normal day. You oversee and help him do various activities that he does everyday like waking up, eating breakfast, going to school, chores, and much more. The game play is very broad and you will be doing a variety of activities that require full use of the iPad's features. You will be tilting and moving around the iPad in various directions to help you find different treasures that are scattered around in the mini games. There is one treasure in each mini game that you will go through and the game makes you work hard to find them!

The game is overall pretty fun and probably worth a look. You can get the free version or you can pay a little more to get the full version. The full version just unlocks all of the levels giving you more game play. I don't know that it is worth the money but if you are in to mini game collections, then go for it. You probably won't be disappointed with this fun little title!

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This thread looks like advertising to me.

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Haha well it wasn't my intention. I just liked the game.

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You realize that Wario games exist beyong the Warioware franchise right? The latter is one of my favorite game series, but when you say a Wario game, most people will probably assume you mean a game like Wario Land. Or maybe that's just me, but I really don't think so.

Are the minigames at least incredibly silly and fast-paced?

I'm a proud owner of a Windows Phone device, so I guess I won't check this out. Looks okay I guess? It does seem to have a peculiar style to it.