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Posted by Demoskinos

@FLStyle: Yeah, I'm glad they are actually going to bother to keep tweaking it post launch. While that move doesn't totally break the game still +7 frames on block is crazy.

Posted by FLStyle

With what may be the final Season's Beatings event over, I'll leave you with the amount of entrants for each game who made it to Cleveland. Interesting reading.

Marvel - 149

AE - 145

P4A - 77

KOF - 60

TTT2 - 54

DOA5 - 35

MK - 27

SCV - 23

I expect DOA5 numbers to pick up with time, the MK scene should keep MK around that number but SCV I'm not so sure about.

Posted by MikeFightNight

P4A beating out KOF suprises me. I wonder if it will continue to do so or if it was just because of it being the new thing. I was away for the whole weekend so I couldn't see a single match, will probably go back and watch a few choice archives. I really wanted to see the first to ten match with Frutsy vs Chris G, cause seeing how people adapt is what sets top players apart. Looking forward to UltraChenTV tonight!

Edited by FLStyle

UltraChenTV should indeed be interesting with them not being at the event and watching it like everyone else.

EDIT: That's http://www.twitch.tv/ultrachentv/ for anyone interested in what the EVO commentators have to say. They're normally on around 8PM PST.