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Posted by Colorwind

With Sony’s Smash Bros rip-off PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita next month, I started to think, like I’m sure others have, about what a similar game would be like from Microsoft. I’ve heard many say that Microsoft doesn’t have enough characters to make such a game. I agreed with this sentiment but my curiosity drove me to do some research. I ended up not only finding enough characters but thinking of the game mechanics. So here’s my pitch for a Smash Bros style game using the stable of characters Microsoft has as well as a few guest characters.

First off is the name. The name Super Smash Bros has always bothered me as it’s never had any kind of connection to the Nintendo name. The name Sony’s game has is way too long. PlayStation All-Stars would’ve been enough instead of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. People are already abbreviating the title to PS All-Stars. For Microsoft’s game, I suggest Xbox Champions. It’s short, to the point and you know this is a game on the Xbox 360.

Secondly is the game mechanics. I suggest a combination of the mechanics from Smash Bros and PS All-Stars. Buttons A, X, Y and B would be Jump, Quick Attack, Strong Attack, and Special Attack respectively. To add more variety to the combat, I think an additional standard attack button. This could be beneficial since some moves would’ve been removed due to some special ability. To use PS All-Stars as an example, Sly Cooper will be able to turn invisible but won’t be able to block. This will help to avoid that. Buttons LB, RB and RT will be item pickup and drop, throw, and block respectively. It’s pretty obvious what those will do although I will point out that you will not dodge by holding RT and pressing left and right. More on that later.

Finally, LT will be for the super move called The Cross Attack. The way this works is throughout the battle, you will build up a meter called an X bar by attacking enemies and taunting. You will be able to build up the meter three times. This will give each characters three different super moves. These different moves will vary between super strong moves that’ll take 25 to 40% damage, heal your character or inflict some status ailment on your opponents, such as slowing them down, lowering their attack power, shrinking them, or more. The third level cross attack will always be an attack that can instantly kill one or more opponents.

Moving the left analog stick or d-pad left and right moves your character, down ducks and up jumps. Clicking in either analog stick taunts, start pauses (duh) and back will briefly display the score so far. The right analog stick dodges when moved left or right on the ground or in mid-air. Moving it up or down either on the ground or up in the air will evade attacks but your character will hold their position. It’s more like a sidestep.

The standard game rules will follow Smash Bros. formula of building up your characters percentage and knocking them off the stage. However, the standard games will have infinite time and each character will have three lives that must be gone through until that opponent is defeated. This amount can be changed in the options. Scoring will be done by whomever has the most kills and the least deaths. So killing three players but dying three times will add up to a score of 0. Other modes also include the standard time limit rules, a mode where everyone has a life bar similar to traditional fighting games like Street Fighter and a mode similar to PS All-Stars rules of death only by cross move with the added rule that falling off levels doesn’t cause death.

The levels will be based on the various characters' titles that are included in the game. A level editor powered by the same technology used in the Halo games in the Forge mode will also be available and custom levels can be uploaded and shared online. Various modes will be available including both an arcade style ladder mode and a story mode for each character for single player. Online multiplayer as well as local multiplayer will be available as well. Replays of matches can be edited, saved and uploaded online to share as well as post onto YouTube. A Halo Waypoint style app will be available to manage these features outside the game.

Of course, what you really want to know is what is the lineup going to be. That’ll be coming up in the next part of my pitch which I’ll post tomorrow. This will be a multi-part feature that’ll last most if not all of this week. Check here again tomorrow for the next part of my pitch for a Microsoft Smash Bros title.

Edited by Wrighteous86

I've got a great idea for a Sony game. It's called "Ring", and it's about a TROJAN soldier working for the Space Army, who has to wage war against atheist aliens whose ships and tech are all colored orange, and they accidentally find themselves on a Ring, that has a dark secret buried beneath the surface... I won't tell you how it ends, because there's a big twist (and possibly some new enemies), but I think it could be a system seller.

If your idea is "just like this other game, but...", it's not a great idea...

Also, I don't think the Microsoft audience really cares to battle Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, Kameo, and Voodoo Vince. We're not even sure that this Sony game is going to be well-received. You called the Sony game a rip-off, but think Microsoft should ALSO produce a rip-off?

Posted by egg

Perhaps it would be better if it was an original IP/characters. Or if a single series was used rather than it being a crossover. Why must it be a crossover? The idea is not ridiculous and not good. Also come to think of it it only worked better for Nintendo because their franchises worked better together. (which perhaps says something about Nintendo's lack of diversity) Even then the series has gotten more ridiculous as time went on and they added better graphics and more realistic characters. (such as Snake) Considering the fact that the series originally started on N64.

Posted by Colorwind

@Wrighteous86: Rip-off isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's just unoriginal. If the rip-off doesn't bring something new to the title then it is less likely to be fun. That's why I presented the mechanics first to show that the combat would have more variety. Just because an idea isn't original does not mean it's not a great idea. I'm not presenting this revolutionary title. I'm just saying if there was an Xbox Smash Bros, here's what I'd like it to be.

@egg: There's not one IP on the Xbox with enough characters for a Smash Bros version of that one game.

Posted by believer258

Sony has three generations' worth of new characters to use and at least two icons for each (Crash and Spyro, Jak and Ratchet, Nathan Drake and Ratchet - are we seeing a pattern here?)

MS has two generations and has precisely two icons that I can think of: Master Chief and Marcus Fenix.

Posted by Colorwind

@believer258: Sony has had more icons than that. There's also Sly Cooper, Cole McGrath, Kratos, etc. I thought Microsoft only had two characters worth mentioning too but I was wrong. Check my post tomorrow where I outline some of the characters for the game.

Posted by believer258

@Colorwind said:

@believer258: Sony has had more icons than that. There's also Sly Cooper, Cole McGrath, Kratos, etc. I thought Microsoft only had two characters worth mentioning too but I was wrong. Check my post tomorrow where I outline some of the characters for the game.

I know, I meant they had two really big icons for each generation that really got people to buy their systems. Crash, Spyro, Ratchet, Jak, and Uncharted have all been more significant system sellers for Playstation than pretty much any other exclusive series as far as I know, with the possible exception of Gran Turismo.

Posted by RE_Player1

That character select screen made me laugh.

Posted by Colorwind

@rebgav: Some of those aren't third party. Twisted Pixel is owned by Microsoft and Viva Pinata, Killer Instinct, and Perfect Dark are all games made by Rare who are owned by Microsoft.

Posted by Colorwind

@rebgav: You were listing third party characters before. COD guy, Mass Effect Guy, Skyrim Guy, etc.

Posted by laserbolts

I have no clue how you came up with such an amazing idea. Brilliant work dude.

Posted by Colorwind

@rebgav: It does and it doesn't make more sense. It would make more sense for Sony to do that because they actually try to do new ideas. Microsoft, not so much. It actually seems more likely for Microsoft to just copy the Smash Bros model and Sony to do something like an FPS all-stars.

In terms of thinking of new ideas, how about an RPG with Sony characters that has a story of them trying to save Ken Kutaragi? lol Each character could utilize their skills more freely in that kind of setup.

I would like to see a Microsoft Smash Bros. It's not a unique idea but it's a fun one. I don't think a kart racer would work though.

Posted by BraveToaster

Perhaps Microsoft should get in the business of releasing more exclusives before they even think about creating a mash-up. I'm all for it if/when they come around. There seems to be more Apps than exclusives, maybe they can make Facebook and Hulu mascots then pit them against one another.