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Posted by P_Pigly_Hogswine

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I hate when DLC gets announced for a game that isn't even out yet. Let me play the fucking game before you try to entice me with even more content that will have a price tag. It almost makes it feel like your game will now be inferior because you won't get the super huge nuclear machine gun or get to play as a walking statue of liberty that throws fireballs and instead you'll just get the 'vanilla' game.

I hate it. Wait until the game is released.

Once again, they are just letting you know whats going to be available since they already know what the DLC is there is no point in keeping it a secret. I'm sorry you hate it, but you better get used to it.

I think this is more of a "don't finish the game then sell it" strategy. If you know there's DLC coming in a few months, you're less likely to trade your game in. Probably makes them feel they're discouraging a wave of trade-ins in the month or two following release.

Posted by RedRavN

Am I the only one that thinks this sounds incredibly stupid. I'm actually suprised by the amount of people that think this is a good idea. Whats next after this, mecha robot ben Franklin and playing as thomas jefferson managing his pimp and cocaine empire (not that much of a stretch). I want historical plausibility in my assassins creed thanks. What exactly are ubisoft marketing this game as? When I play assassins creed I enjoy the historical attention to detail that immerses you in the environment. These DLCs are going to be a ripoff anyways. They will probably be only an hour long. I dont like how they are taking the series in a stupid alternate history nonsense direction. Thats probably why everything to do with Desmond has always been the worst part of the games for me.

Posted by NapTimeSleeper

This sounds awesome to me. It also seems like a great way to use DLC. It'll be a fun campaign for people who want more AC3 and it'll be its own story. This seems similar to what Rockstar did with Red Dead Redemption. That picture is also pretty cool.

Posted by King9999

That is a badass pic.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
@sixpin: One mans hero is another mans villain 
Posted by Jonny_Anonymous
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@Animasta: No.... The Sullivan Expedition was directed against the natives who sided with the British though there may have been collateral damage.

Most natives did side with the British, because they were hoping to stop the colonists from expanding farther west. Who knows what would have happened if the British won though, it may have been better for them, or not.

The British would have annihilated the Natives American anyway... lets be honest.
You mean like they did in Canada, oh wait....... 
Posted by sixpin

@Jonny_Anonymous: Deep bro

Posted by Sean2206

I always wished they would take these kinds of what if liberties with the assassins creed franchise and this looks great. It would be fantastic if this was conceived from the people pissed off because they thought you would only kill British figures and Ubisoft is just like fine here go kill George Washington then happy.

Posted by mgray5159

I can't wait for this game. My most highly anticipated.

Posted by BillyMonks

George Waskington

Posted by Wuddel

30 bucks .... oh my