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Posted by End_Boss

@EricSmith: What a terrible, terrible joke. In fact, I believe I must qualify it as a "joke."

The quotation marks denote my snide derision for it, you see.

Posted by RVonE

Man, thanks for reminding me of Motocross Maniacs! Your Joe Danger Quick Looks always reminded me of some game I couldn't quite remember and now I know which game that was. I must have spent a couple of hundred hours playing that game when I was young.

Posted by McRibs

I live in Korea, so maybe this is just a crazy international servers thingy.... but why are there now commercials in front of quick looks?

Edited by BoOzak

Anyone remember the Stuntman games? I remember liking the prospect of these kind of games but i've never liked trial and error in gaming. I prefer games that if I know the mechanics, I shouldnt have to tell the future to be able to complete them without dying/failing first. That and my memory sucks.

Posted by Peanut

I got burned buying the first Joe Danger on the recommendation of the Bomb Squad, so I'm going to pass here, even though it looks more interesting than the first game.

Posted by urban_ryoga

@McRibs: they need monies duder

Posted by MeatSim

I don't think I need any Joe Danger in my life right now but maybe some other time.

Edited by ADeeyore

I just rented timed cop, you were the bad guy in Timed Cop!

Posted by Matoyak

I am not loving this art style. Well, not loving the gameplay itself, but that art style is the biggest drawback for me.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

This just makes me want to go and get the new Trials Evolution DLC. I love me some Trials.

Edited by GaryDooton

Full disclosure: I am creating a photodocumentary on these guys so this comment is not totally neutral, but I thought this Quick Look really didn't do the game justice. Were you both hungover?

It felt like maybe you did this QL at the end of a long day and just wanted to get it in the can and go home, because I know Ryan has played the first JD before and knows how to play, but seemed to be playing really, really badly like he'd never played it before.

I'm not saying the points you brought up were unfair, but you played the very early tutorial levels, had a quick go at the harder deleted scene ones, gave up immediately, then mocked the into vid for the multiplayer and didn't even play it!

Bit of a poor show, guys.

Like I said, full disclosure and possibly a spot of bias, and I don't think the comments you made were unfair at all, I just felt like the demoing of it is grossly unrepresentative of what the game actually has to offer.

It's like playing street fighter and just throwing a couple of fireballs, playing a single round, going "eh" and then calling it a Quick Look.

Sorry if that seems a bit sour: I'm a massive bomber fan and eat up the content on this site, as well as the bombcast, and have done for a few years now. Just thought I'd stick my oar in because this particular game means something to me :)

EDIT: I should ass that maybe it's a fault of the game's design in terms of approachability and whether it's effective enough in communicating to you what lies beyond the levels that familiarise you with the controls. I'm not saying I'm absolutely right to criticise this QL. It's just that it feels unfair to me.