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Posted by Laxaloot


Posted by Phatmac

These videos should probably have more comments.

Posted by antivanti

I think it's cool that people get to see prototypes like this. Especially showing aspiring game developers that all games are pretty rough in the beginning and what iteration and polish can do.

Posted by StarErik

"Must have been animal."

Dat Russian accent. I love that he almost laughs at the end of "what's going on here".

Posted by HerbieBug

Stellar VO right there. Top drawer! :D

Posted by MeatSim

Should have kept the VO and the giant text boxes.

Posted by thedj93

heyhey this is cool

Posted by User_Undefined

The gnome has been secured.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

"Who turned out the liiiights?"

Posted by Tweedster