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Posted by dancnlkamonky

I was given a chance to choose any topic of choice for a research paper in a comp class I'm currently in. Whatever the subject was on, I would have to deal with a APA format because of the schooling I'm in for. So I have to figure out a thesis and make it up to 7-10 pages on my topic. Because I'm a gamer nerd lover, I picked survival horror video games.

It was said that I picked a subject that would make me bite off more then I could chew. I've had so much fun finding all the information dealing with the subject that I almost feel over-whelmed. So in some ways, yes, I could believe that statement. It's not that I can't ramble on and on and on about the subject, it's citing everything in proper format. Also making sure that I have enough information for fellow followers to read and look up yourselves. I know there are so many people in this world that love games, but I have limited myself to a small crowd. The one that I was bouncing ideas off of and I had great feed back, has parted from me. So I want to reach out to other fellow gamers and see if anyone would be up to talking about the different games out there. Older games perfered, because I haven't had the time to play anything current. I know of things like "Day Z" and the newest Res Evil 6, and would love to check them out some day.


Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

So how about you give us some excerpts of what you're writing? Sounds like a good topic.

Posted by believer258

Apparently Resident Evil 6 doesn't have much in the way of "horror".

Try comparing different kinds of horror games. Survival horror (early Resident Evils, Silent Hill 2) action-horror (Dead space, Doom 3), and... uh... what other types might there be in games? Hell, in movies you've got your psychological horror, your slasher flicks, your campy horror, etc.

Posted by Harpell

Ah, we are doing a research essay in my writing course as well. I wrote my first essay on how gaming made want to become a Comp Sci major and my second was an analysis of Dungeons and Dragons, so I decided to back off the total geekery and write this one on network neutrality.

Anyway, as far as your topic goes, here's all I have to say:

The classic survival horror games were both gifted and cursed by the technology of the time. The shit controls and camera were a nuisance, but they often enhanced the fear factor. I'm talking about RE and SH in particular here.

That's the sad thing about the genre today. With today's tech, you could create some really compelling HD scares, but making a good survival horror game takes a lot of work, and it's such a niche genre that few people want to take the risk. Dead Space is the only modern example of a good survival horror game, but with each sequel, it seems they are leaving the horror further behind.

That's my two cents, good luck on your paper, duder.


Dead Space restored my faith in horror/action.

Posted by Evilsbane


Dead Space restored my faith in horror/action.

Yes Dead Space 1 and 2 made me a re-believer in Horror games period, and Dead Space 3 is ready to pounce on those great things and RIP IT APART! At least... from what they have shown of course visually it is still stunning the little bit of new monster design looks good but it seems like the whole Atmosphere part was replaced by COOP ACTION WITH UR BUDS DUDE! Hopefully me and the other scared fans are proven very very very wrong I wish for nothing more!