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Posted by masterpaperlink

Your style is partly developed through stealing ideas from artists you admire, the goal is to steal so much from so many sources that your influences become unrecognizable and eventually your "style" is born, or i should say a "unique" style.

Posted by yeah_write

Here's an inspirational and interesting video from one my favorite artists, Bobby Chiu.​

I've been striving to develop my own style for years now, and as the final clip in the video says, it's a long process. It's not something that happens over night. Sometimes I have to remember to stay patient and keep working. I look at Dan Hipp or Sean Galloway or Ben Caldwell and envy their strong sense of style. But as Bobby says, copying them won't help me develop my own visual language. It's my interpretation of life and the things around me, and the knowledge and skills I build that will help me create a unique, identifiable style.


— Chris Oatley (@ChrisOatley) October 16, 2012

Watch the video and check out Bobby's work. I have some of it framed at home. I took a course with Bobby in 2009 at Schoolism.com. It was amazing, and I learned so much. If you're interested in a course at Schoolism, you can use my referral code qc4f to save some money. If you can get into a course, you'll love it. Worth every penny.