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I'm a Canadian in Scotland and me and my British flatmate are planning on ploughing through all of the Sherlock Holmes PC games. I've been hoping to accomplish such a feat since hearing the E3 bombcast in which Justin McElroy outlined his experiences with the Holmes games.

We've already finished the first game (Secret of the Mummy) but our recording rig was horrible and we might go back and revisit it now that we're up and running. I'll randomly post hour long episodes as we go (first episode going up to 720p, but other episodes will be up to 1080). We are solving these mysteries as blind runs, but I will start chopping out or speeding up any puzzling/pixel-hunting that is draining to watch.

I wanted to record all of our gaming for something to look back on, but why deprive the world of our stupidity. We should be updating pretty regularly right up until Christmas break.

I assume I should write somewhere that we (mostly me) swear and address topics including masturbating into a bucket.

Part 1!

Part 2--sorry for the weirdo artefacts! I have since solved the problem. Also, I cut out most of our BS that wasn't remotely funny

Part 3! The mystery continues. We're back to 720p but it looks much better. Also, no dumb artefacts. Also, we might be funny in this one. Also, oh god Carl whatareyoudoing? (e: Also also, bear with the letter reading at the start, we were worried people watching on lower quality couldn't read the in-game text [we barely could while playing!])

Part 3.5. A preview of how absolutely horrible we are at one of the game's hardest puzzles.

Posted by Inkerman

Well this is pretty fucking entertaining, I lost it at the 'Juicy pants' part.

Posted by Dyslexiactic

@Inkerman: Thanks! I'm working on cutting out some chunks of boring pixel hunt, but the next episode should be up relatively soon!

Posted by Dyslexiactic

Hey All,

Just posting to know part 2 is up. A bit more tame, but only because this game ultimately has pixel-hunt portions. I've edited out the least useful bits. Thanks for anyone showing interest :B

Posted by vikingdeath1

I don't have 2 hours at the moment, but after watching for 5 minutes your voices have passed the "They do not annoy me everytime they speak" test that walkthrough videos on youtube must always take, So I shall come back to this next time I am bored!

Good day sir!

Posted by Dyslexiactic

Updates are rolling! Just added part 3.5 where you can get a glimpse of how miserable we are at one of the game's hardest puzzles. The (very eventual) solution continues in part 4 which will come up on the weekend. Thanks again!