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Posted by squarecircles

Hmm, wish they would have said this when they were still available for preorder. I choose the 8gb on purpose, but this would make me switch :(

Posted by bennyboy

@Kiro said:


I'll only have to spend 400 dollars on a console, and 50$ on a game to get FIVE DOLLARS FOR FREE? well sign me up!

350 dollars*

Posted by Shingro

Oh boy! That's savings almost as good as a Gamestop used game!

Posted by SirShandy

@Kiro: I don't follow your logic. A person usually doesn't spend a lot of money on a new console and some games for the sole purpose of taking part in a rewards program. This is purely an incentive for digital buyers. If you're spending money on something you want anyway, why not accumulate a couple dollars back to spend on further content? I don't see a downside to this.

It's completely fair for people to not be too fond of the Wii U, but at the same time, these people are not likely to be read up on a lot of the relevant information concerning it, which is also understandable. But this means that they are making generalizations and churning their irritation through their own ignorance.

It's looking like one of the brighter aspects of the Wii U is going to be it's digital content besides the first party retail downloads. There are already a lot of interesting digital downloads announced for it from day one, and a lot of talk about the indie-friendly environment Nintendo has created on the e-shop.

Posted by Haruko

Ahh Nintendo entering the Digital age Kicking and screaming and trying to claw their way back.

Posted by jasondesante

i really hope that since I own certain games on my 3ds....that I will automatically own them on wii u....if they don't do that I'll be fucking disappointed....bought too many virtual console games on the wii I'm not gonna do that again unless it stays with me forever, because if not I'll stick to a hacked wii with the full virtual console library (because that is basically the greatest thing of all time)

Posted by danielcampbell

Main stream gamers today really disappoint me. Nintendo offers you a small rebate if you buy your games digitally, and all people do is bitch about it? They didn't have to offer anything at all you know.

Posted by ManiacalMech

With all of this incentive to buy online, one can only hope something like the compromise of PSN a couple years back doesn't happen. Also, the cross compatibility between Wii U and 3DS is pretty cool.

Posted by Tesla

This is a half step in the right direction. Make the program available for all your customers.

Posted by Vrikk

There's nowhere to pre-order this, though. Not at least without being gouged by those low life third-party sellers on eBay and Amazon selling pre-orders for 2x the MSRP.

Posted by WithASinisterSmile

Not sure if this is going to be good or not yet.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Shouldnt they be doing stuff like this for the white one?

Posted by CircleNine

@Katkillad: Even if you didn't use a proper HDD you could manage to put in more than 32gb of flash storage in for not a huge cost increase. Storage will be an issue on the WiiU if they're finally planning to move into the digital age and accept that full modern game downloads, not just ROMs, are an actual thing. Especially if they make the same mistake of not letting you run things off of SD/external drives like was an issue for the Wii's first 3 or 4 years.

Posted by clush

Incentivize? Really, guys? I object to verbifying nouns willy-nillily. Also, simply using 'encourage' or something would make it sound decidedly less like you're some kind of scheming evil corporate mastermind.

Joking aside, I don't think a 10% discount with a lot of smallprint sounds that great. You can probably get the games for less than that from amazon or other webshops. If they're really serious about making people use teh eShop, I think they'll have to do a little bit better than this.

Posted by yoshimitz707

@clush: Incentivize is a real word, duder.

Posted by Th3_James

Nintendo really does suck. They just don't get it.

Posted by TEAMHOLT

@Haruko: Putting their first party games online day-and-date and giving incentives for buying them digitally instead of from a physical retailer doesn't sound like "kicking and screaming" to me.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Nintendo customers don't even give a shit about buying their games digitally, Nintendo is really getting behind the eShop, which (on the 3DS at least) has come a long way since Wii/DSiWare in terms of the quality of the games, the store interface, and how Nintendo deals with small developers.

Posted by clush

@yoshimitz707: At a certain point anything can become a 'real' word. That doesnt mean it's a good thing... Those responsible for incentivize becoming a real word should be shot.

Posted by xyzygy

That roughly equals out to getting a free game every 10 new games you buy. Not too bad. Wii U is looking phenomenal.

Posted by Soviut

@clush said:

@yoshimitz707: At a certain point anything can become a 'real' word. That doesnt mean it's a good thing... Those responsible for incentivize becoming a real word should be shot.

Thank you. I worked briefly as a web developer at a marketing company and that's all I ever heard them loudly tote over the open concept partition wall that did nothing to give us developers a distraction-free place to work. "How can we incentivize this?", "we need to incentivize the viewer", etc. My work suffered as a result.

Posted by NintenJoe

@Hailinel: It's funnier because the image right next to it says 349.99.

Posted by Shnippie

Slightly interesting, Nintendo really know how to make the easy money.

Posted by Brodehouse
@clush Language grows. The stasis of language is the end of cultural progress.
Edited by Jack_Lafayette

32 gigs really doesn't seem like enough to support a robust digital market, though. I think I'll be waiting for the first or second hardware revision.

Posted by Generiko

@Dark_Lord_Spam said:

32 gigs really doesn't seem like enough to support a robust digital market, though. I think I'll be waiting for the first or second hardware revision.

you can use a third party hard drive as storage up to 3 TBs IIRC

Posted by Corvak

@jasondesante: Wii VC and WiiWare games will transfer to Wii U, but I believe the handheld/console releases are still separate.

Posted by Warchief

that is cool and all but the main problem is you have to buy a WiiU.

Posted by CircleNine

Has Nintendo said that you'd actually be able to run games off of the expanded storage from SD cards and USB harddrives, or are they going to do the bullshit from the first 3 years of the Wii's life where you need to manually move things around and keep them on the console's internal storage?

Posted by Ravenlight

@Warchief said:

that is cool and all but the main problem is you have to buy a WiiU.

Yeah, that's kinda the one thing keeping me from partaking of this amazing deal.

Posted by GrantHeaslip

It's kind of ridiculous that the $399 error still hasn't been fixed. It's one thing to repeatedly leave obvious typos in articles (see last week's XCOM DLC article), but it's quite another to leave a blatantly wrong factual statement. I hate being "that guy", but come on.

Posted by Kiro

@SirShandy: It is the absurdity of the "reward" when you look at the cost of obtaining it. It has nothing to do with Wii U or Nintendo. This whole rewarding costumers petty "gifts" for spending a shit load of money on a product is stupid. why not just making the product cheaper in the first place, instead of giving you the illusions that they are "giving" you a reward.

Edited by liako21

a step in the right direction.

so I am guessing after two years anyone can buy into this service regardless of what system package they bought?

Posted by SirShandy

@Kiro: If you're talking about the whole philosophy of rewards programs as being flawed, then yes, that's certainly a possibility, but there is inherently a flaw in considering exact value propositions and the worth of things when you're talking about dollars being spent. The worth of something is subjective, a consumer either spends the money, or they do not.

There probably exists a kind of psychological manipulation that comes along with a rewards system where the more money you spend, the more money you'll get back and accrue in return. But this entirely depends on whether the customer was informed on what they were purchasing, and whether they were satisfied with it after the fact. If both those factors were met, then the rewards are icing on the cake, if not, then you might feel as though you were lead by a carrot on a stick. Either way, anything that might be considered a "deal" is relative; the answer could be to make the product cheaper, but this has no bearing on whether the rewards program would still exist.

Posted by Chango

Hopefully theres a chance to get the deluxe package next year, I'm not buying one till Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101 come out.

Posted by That1BlackGuy

Well that's good, still rough around the edges but at least Nintendo is taking initiative in accommodating their consumers through digital distribution. Not getting a Wii U at launch because of Christmas shopping but I hope that when I do nab one, they have similar incentives or a more refined system for their digital media.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

It seems awesome and all, and Mario U looks fantastic, but yeah you know money and stuff.

Posted by Deusoma

Ugh. Aside from this being a gigantic ripoff, it's not a good sign to see the console manufacturers putting such emphasis on digital stuff right off the bat. An all-digital gaming scene is a gaming scene 100% controlled by the companies whose priority is forcing you to spend as much money as possible, and any step towards that scenario is a bad one.

Posted by falconpunch


Edited by SoloSkywalker

@Deusoma: I agree completely. The only time I ever buy digitally is if there is no other option. If I don't have the physical media I feel as if I don't actually own the game. Also there is nothing to add to my game collection wall.

Posted by tysonwritesel

I do not care about the Wii U. Please do not cover it and spend your time on other games.

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