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Posted By CharlesAlanRatliff
I thought this was kind of funny. I clicked on The Amazing Spider-Man ad that's currently on the Xbox 360 dashboard and was greeted with a small clip of Andrew Garfield, the film's star, promoting the film for Xbox Live. These promotions always seemed like one of the worst parts of an artist's job, be it an actor or musician or something else, where the interviewer wants the interviewee to record a quick clip or sound bite of them mentioning the service the interviewer works for (like a radio station or Video on Demand channel) or, in some cases I've seen, the interviewer's personal website/podcast. In my experience, it usually comes off as disingenuous, and understandably so. It's even worse when you know that artist has never heard of the thing they're promoting!

Anyway, no ill will toward Andrew. I just thought it was amusing. 

He could also just be really, really tired. Press tours can be pretty grueling.