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Posted by I_Stay_Puft

@Aelric said:

Man, I know it's old news now, but every I Love Mondays or Mailbag or Unboxing In that office makes me miss the old brick walls, Will Smith wandering by and Rorie popping his head up. This office is just too sterile, no character to it. Other than that, it's fine, just miss the old office.

Maybe they should just start editing these videos with clips of Will Smith and Matt Rorie facial expressions and saying one word responses.

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Really hope you can run stuff off SD cards and external harddrives since they include so little internal memory (just put 640gb in my PS3 and even that feels like it won't be enough).

Also I just want to know how many blocks a 3 tb disk is.

Anyways, looking forward to more coverage of this.

Posted by WaterLord0

I know its a Sunday but I'd love it if they did an all day live stream playing through all the games on launch day.

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The slot at the bottom is for the rumble pak. 
I mean duh- I thought you guys knew about videogames.

Posted by Peacemaker

I can't believe this thing is coming out in less than 2 weeks. I feel like there isn't much hype for it.

Posted by Stokes

It blows my mind that this thing is nearly out already and I know hardly nothing about it.

Posted by I_smell

Nintendo Wii U box quotes:
"Comes with 1x stand for your business cards"
"This thing's a magnet for fingerprints!"
"Dock it while you're docking!"

Posted by golguin

I had no idea it was so close to launch. Too much election on the brain.

Posted by sickman87

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

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The WiiU seems like a poor hat. But what do I know, I ain't no hat judge.

@sickman87 said:

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

It's a deboxing.

Posted by Duskwind

Lee and Clementine FTW.

Posted by MetalGearSunny
@sickman87 said:

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

They've been doing unboxings of things since forever
Posted by AmericanNinja

I thought Giant Bomb wasnt going to cover the wiiu?

Posted by crithon

sigh, feels like yesterday when Jeff and Rich Gallup were unboxing a Wii on Gamespot.

Posted by metronome127

Wii U: Stand Edition

Posted by NTM

@crithon: It wasn't just them though, it was everyone, at least it seemed like everyone surrounding it on a couch. And Alex played Twilight Princess then too. It was a great thing to watch.

Posted by Andy_117

A manual? How quaint. I like what Microsoft is doing. Fuck manuals! Just sell the disc and the case. Who likes manuals??


Posted by NTM

@AmericanNinja: It's a new console, and they like games. They said they don't really do the whole unboxing thing in general, but it's hard not to when you love games I'm sure, and why not post it on the site as they do so as well.

Posted by JoeyRavn

The future is now. And it looks midly appealing, though I maybe buy it next year.

Posted by Quinifer

And a voice came from the heavens, declaring "TAKE OFF THAT SILLY ASS HAT!"

Posted by FCDRandy

@sickman87 said:

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

of collector's editions of games.

Posted by Giantstalker

I still can't get over the controller. An AC adapter? Really?

Posted by prestonhedges

@sickman87 said:

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

They've unboxed: a DS, a DSXL, a 3DS, the 360 Slim, a Kinect (live, I think), and who knows what the fuck else. Actually, I bet someone does. And they'll be quoting this in order to correct me. Hello, person! Nice to meet you. Isn't the internet grand? Oh, really? I didn't know they unboxed THAT, too...

Posted by NTM

@sickman87 said:

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

I think there's a difference. Usually unboxing you see elsewhere is for the company that sends them the stuff, kind of like advertising, while I think Giantbomb does it out of sheer interest, and since they're doing it in the first place, why not make a video for others to see? I think that's how they view it, but I could be wrong.

Posted by sickman87

@FCDRandy: @FCDRandy said:

@sickman87 said:

I thought you guys didn't do unboxings...

of collector's editions of games.

I stand corrected.

Posted by NTM

Patrick held the gamepad weird, or certainly not how I hold my controllers. I never have my index and middle finger sitting on the triggers.

Posted by mrcraggle

Why didn't Nintendo just put a built in stand similar to the Surface in the controller? It would get rid of the useless dock and stand.

Posted by Butano

"It's no Duke..." - Drew

This man speaks wisdom!

Posted by tourgen

awesome video

I am excited for the WiiU! the hardware looks great! I'm pretty happy about making this my first Nintendo console since the SNES. sometime early next year, when they are in stock and I've seen how the system stands up. I am very much looking forward to GBomb coverage.

Posted by verysexypotato

@AjayRaz said:

@Phatmac said:

I thought you guys were better than this. Get this unboxing garbage outta here!!! :|


The way in which you carefully constructed this response to take full advantage of the forum-post medium gives me an artfag hard-on.

Posted by Nethlem

l love how Brad manages to pull a Brad even when he's just removing some plastic film.

Also best Ryan Davis quote ever: "Huh, it's longer than i expected..."

Posted by I_Stay_Puft

Goddamn, where are my wii plastic attachments to go with my controllers! Dammit Nintendo quit dropping the ball on this.

Posted by KontX

So. Many. Peripherals. Good luck keeping family rooms tidy. I totally forgot about this thing.

Posted by RobertOrri

Unboxing videos of limited editions of games are super lame (though I will make an exception for the Modern Warfare 2 one, since that thing came with those crazy goggles). It's different for actual systems, since those are rare one-time things and a lot more people will be interested in knowing what's inside.

Posted by saxmusician20

I got a homebrewing kit in the mail today! Home brewing kit > Wii U

Prove me wrong!

Posted by mehojevich

"its no duke" lmao

Posted by buft

lol this is what they do with a new console

Posted by cthomer5000

this is the content i come here for

Posted by cavemantom

It's-a me! Grassroots Caravello!

Posted by das9000

I hate to say it, but nintendo is setting the standards once again. Next gen ps and xbox are going to announce tablet controllers before they are released. Kids love tablets and stupid tablet games. I bet kids a re going to be notorious at destroying them.

Posted by toots
Posted by Just_an_other_muffin

I want that Walking Dead portrait of Lee and Clementine in the background

Posted by Iodine

@toots said:

Old Brad is Old.

Posted by zus

pretty box/

Posted by Nightriff

Man I'm jealous...

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Posted by Pantsu

Ooo, Wii U.

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Posted by bloodbathnbyond

I want that Walking Dead painting behind Patrick's desk.

Posted by captain_clayman