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Edited by Serpentenema

Bomb monkies? I am down for that pre-order. But that dude was the most vanilla ass voice actor I have heard in a while.

The story sounds like the wave of shitty "vacations gone wrong" movies that were just pumped out after hostel made hell of money.

Posted by Blastroid

Fall from plane and become master of war - check

Posted by Clonedzero

@InfamousBIG: iwas just going to post that, im subscribed to the GB youtube channel so i tried watching it there and boom. ubisoft had it removed.

why would they remove their trailer? its basically an ad...

Edited by Dagbiker

And when dose this game get delayed for PC?

Oh never mind, It just uses the DRM that they said they would stop using.


maybe can write something up about it.

Posted by echronorian

Alright I'm curious to play this just to see how the main character goes from bro with his bros to militia battling super hero.

Posted by BitterAlmond

Wait, was that guy punching a shark? I hope shark-punching is a core mechanic.

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