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Posted by joey8bit

....I found this guide that details all the major events leading up to Halo 4.


Posted by MikkaQ

Now that's pretty handy, thank ye.

Posted by gaminghooligan

oh man that was exactly what I was looking for mad props OP and thank you

Posted by Irvandus

(Lots of clapping)

Posted by believer258

Guilty Spark is STILL ALIVE? Son-of-a-bitch! Toasting that fucker in Halo 3 was fairly satisfying, even though it was just a curb-stomp battle!

Edited by RazielCuts

I lol at how much of that time line doesn't even take part in the games :P but yeah, thanks for the link. Was thinking this sounds like the sort of thing Danny O'Dwyer would of done with Bluffers Guide/Escape from Mount Stupid.

*Edit* They've done one for when Halo: Anniversary came out -