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Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

Hello all! I decided to put another video together after my last set seemed pretty popular. Brewing hard cider is a lot easier than brewing beer, and involves a lot less equipment and time. These videos will walk you through the process of crafting a 5 gallon batch of malty, delicious hard apple cider (around 6% ABV). Enjoy!

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Avail us with the good word of brewing, oh master!

Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

I bring the good word of Cider! Lo, it were 6% alcohol by Volume and the taste were of the mighty Apple!

Posted by Bumpton

@Brewmaster_Andy: I've always been mildly curious about brewing but don't know a damn thing about it. That said, I really enjoyed watching those videos. Super interesting! Some of it was a little over my head, but it didn't seem too complicated. Thanks for the videos, man! You might have convinced me to give it a try. And I hope that cider turned out well for you!

Posted by Laurentech

Awesome! My only experiences with cider have been Strongbow and K, but I am a fan. How do you find your cider compares to the mass produced stuff? I look forward to watching these when I get the chance. If it's as easy and simple as you say, I may give this a shot.

Posted by Brewmaster_Andy

@Bumpton: Sorry for any jargon I threw in there. I am a homebrewer at heart so my cider brewing comes from there. If you want some more information about brewing in general you can check out my other videos and threads here and here.

@Laurentech: My version of cider has a malty backbone, so it isn't as crisp as some of the more commercial offerings. It tastes more like an "apple ale" than a cider. That said, it's a great fall drink.