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Posted by downandmean

@Asmo917: I'm with you man, same here.

Posted by eccentrix

"I think most people assumed that Kenny and Christa and Omid are basically good people that are on your side, and showing them the bite wouldn’t necessarily have a negative repercussion. Hiding it might because they know, in the world of the Walking Dead, it’s going to come back soon or later, and you may as well be honest about it now. If there was a character like Larry still in the group, who you can imagine might make an argument to cast you out for being bitten, people might have been more afraid to show it."

Kenny was that character for me. He hated me most of the time, but I wouldn't hide a bite from the group because of him.

Posted by Valames

Man, I love these things. A great addition to the site, Patrick. I would love to see more articles like this becoming a regular addition to Giant Bomb. To hear people talk about choices in games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age would be interesting.

Posted by Incapability

When I had the choice to just stick it to Ben, I was all good and riled up. I'd had enough of being nice and helpful, Ben had fucked shit up for the whole group big time, I'd voted him out, and I wasn't in the mood to have him around to fuck shit up even more.

So when I finally had the chance to let him fall, I clicked away gleefully. That's right Ben, you piece of shit, enjoy the consequences of your shitty ac-- - that was pretty much the exact moment I realized the game had, once again, figured me out.

The instant he hit the ground, bleeding, screaming and being eaten by zombies, I knew very well I was totally capable of saving him, and I was just being a vengeful dick. Vengeful because his actions caused Lilly to shoot Carley, because it made me leave Lilly to be fucked up in some cold roadside ditch, because it led to Katjaa and Duck getting their brains blown out. Every time I felt I finally took a stand, and stuck by my guns in that game, I immediately felt like I was also being a total dick.

Which is awesome. I mean, part of me knew full well that if I hadn't left Lilly behind, she'd find some other way to screw me over, and I imagine that taking Ben with me would have some sort of negative effect later.

The most soul-crushing part, though, is that I've tried my damn best to stick by Kenny when I thought it was appropriate, but that stubborn son of a bitch just won't let that thing go where I didn't prioritize his dipshit son.

Fantastic series so far, excited to try the last episode.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I struggled with it, but didn't take Clementine. What was I going to do, lead her through an infested city to a haven for thuggish child-killers? The house was more defensible anyway, and I trusted her to handle that gun if she needed to.

When Kenny brought it to a vote, I did end up voting to leave Ben in the city as he had become a clear liability. My Lee, though, doesn't let people die if they still have a shot at survival. Dropping him wasn't an option, and if anything it sent a message that he couldn't just keep giving up and letting others suffer for it. Turned out in my favor when I needed all the help I could get to search for Clem.

Posted by ripelivejam

call me a softy, but i saved ben, mostly cause he reminded me of me (feeling sometimes that i'm a colossal failure, goofup, and even tho i can mess things up bad i'm at least trying to do what's right)