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Posted by G0DF4TH3R

So I have been without a PS3 for two years, I recently got one 3 weeks ago now. I have a huge backlog of games to catch up on. So far I am beaten AC Brotherhood, Revelations, and 3, Uncharted 3, Batman Arkham City, inFamous 2 (good ending only) and working my way through Saints row 3, Killzone 3, No more Heroes, NFS most wanted, Red Dead, Shadows of the Damned, Dead Space and Baynoetta. So my question is any other games worth looking into? (Please try not to post any open world games unless it is really good because I am burnt out on them)

How is Vanquish, Enslaved and Heavenly Sword?

Posted by crusader8463

Enslaved was an ok afternoon, but it's not going to blow you away. As for other games, I will just link to the list of my PS3 games and say I recommend those. Except for the sports games at the end. I went on a weird "Hey, I haven't played sports games since the SNES! I wonder what they are like these days?" binge and bought a bunch of them. Have yet to play any of them because by the time they got here in the mail all desires I had for that test went out the window.

Some quick picks I didn't see you mention though would be:

Posted by fox01313

There's the Little Big Planet series for you, Alice Madness Returns & also on the PS3 there's been plenty of HD collections put out that might be good.

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 Some suggestions are:

  • Heavy Rain
  • Bulletstorm
  • Catherine
I liked Heavenly Sword a lot, with its great plot and functional gameplay, wish is over-simplified in Enslaved. Enslaved has the same care wolven into story, characters and character interactions though. 
Vanquish has great gameplay, a nice and simple story with the typical tropes present in sci-fi, but it is a hard and frustrating game.
Posted by Marcsman

Heavenly Sword is great.

Posted by IzzyGraze

Hitman is coming out soon or is out.


Tokyo Jungle

Posted by djou

Vanquish is fun but imo more of a rental than a purchase. The campaign is pretty short and not really worth replaying.

If you're not limiting yourself to PS3 exclusives, I had a lot of fun with Borderlands (1 and 2), Portal 2, Sleeping Dogs.

There's also some awesome PSN titles Journey, Dyad, Superstar Dust, Limbo, Closure. I also get burnt out on open world games and find these shorter/platform games that are much more affordable fun tonics in-between longer games.

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Valkyria Chronicles is probably the best game I've played this generation. If I could go back and replay through any game for the first time, it'd be that one.

Posted by G0DF4TH3R

I was looking at Asura's Warth but I am waiting for the price to drop or find a cheap copy. I played the demo for valkyria chronicles, it was okay but not my thing.

Posted by Nightriff

Check out Journey, one of the best games in recent years.