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Posted by n0nametaz

Batman Trilogy all the way!

Posted by MachoFantastico

I have an odd fascination with Lego fire.

Posted by bkbroiler

The thing where Vinny thinks the torch is stuck the Ringwraith is actually the breathing tube for the actor who is on fire. Still doesn't change that fact that they should have fixed that somehow.

Posted by Carlos1408

That was a hilarious QL. I must say the humor in this one is pretty great. Also the score for the movies is awesome, Howard Shore is incredible.

Posted by Kaungo

oh man.. Vinny was hilarious in this

Posted by Lysergica33

I've never really had the desire to play any of these Lego games until now. I'm not even much of a LOTR fan these days either, but everything about this game looks like pure FUN.

Posted by Slither_Maggot

@Didion said:

And now I have to listen to the LOTR soundtrack for the rest of the day, THANKS A LOT, VINNY AND BRAD!

Same here. Bastards!

Posted by spiceninja

The LOTR score is the best musical score in the history of movies. It's so beautiful.

Posted by chriscalla

I came for the LEGO Lord of the Rings Quick Look. I stayed for the Vinny and Brad quoting Lord of the Rings.

Posted by HappyCheeze

Looks like Merry and Pippin have GHOST PROBLEMS

Posted by liako21

i love lotr music...beautiful

Posted by Volgin13


Posted by ripelivejam

frodo about to enjoy a delicious golden doughnut in the thumbnail.

Posted by Ronald

Frodo killing himself over and over, especially with the scream, made my day.

Posted by Mister_V

Brad and Vinny setting the standard for hilariousness Quick looks.

Posted by creiij

This video made my day, even if me and my daughter have a fever. I just have to way 3-4 years before we can play it together =)

Posted by Gonmog

One of the best quicklooks in some time. Awesome job!

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

I kinda don't want to play a lego game, but I really wanna play this.

Posted by YoVideoGamesAreSerious

I was pretty bummed that they were going from the silent Lego characters to the talking ones. I really enjoyed the pantomimed humour in Harry Potter or Star Wars Lego! But, seeing how they did this, I'm actually super on board. The combination of Lego characters and actual movie VO on its own is fairly absurd, but adding that extra hilarious shit, like the acknowledgement that Sam's dedication to Frodo is a bit creepy, or having Elrond have a Lego manual.... that just absolutely sells it. Having it played so goddamn straight-faced with the VO, then have Sam's actions just be creepy and absurd leads to some good meta-humour I can appreciate as an adult.

Posted by RetroVirus

Wow, this does look like their A-game. The last LEGO game I played through was the original LEGO Star Wars on Gamecube, but I'd love to pick this up at some point.

Posted by The_Nubster

Still seems too Lego-y for my tastes. Lots of aimless wandering and trying to smack/interact with everything you can.

Posted by Solh0und

This looks just excellent for a Lego game.

Posted by TheKramer89

Do they Gandalf?

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

Sauron was a 10 foot tall badass demi-god back then. Severing the ring that he had invested so much power into killed his body. Later on the Eye on top of the tower was his "personification"


Posted by GeekDown

I have never played a Lego game, but this looks fantastic. Might pick this up actually.

Posted by steelerzfan101

Haha I am just loving the humour in these games! I will definitely have to get this game! It is looking like one of the better Lego games out there!

Posted by inappropriate_touchscreen

It's more like 'BO-kayh', by the way.

Posted by Forkstik

Holy crap, this looks really awesome!

Posted by Slayeric

Should LEGO's talk?

Posted by TheHT

Pure gold. Might be the best looking Lego game too.

Posted by DorkyMohr

I've seen enough of these Lego game quicklooks to go from "Wow these look like they're doing something cool with a licensed game" to "goddamn it fuck these games"

Posted by deskp

@Krystal_Sackful said:


Is Glorfindel in this game?

No I think hes pre order dlc.

Posted by Menkhor

Brad and Vinny can make any QL a piece of hilarity.

Posted by DougQuaid

Holy shit! this was one of then funniest Quick Looks in a while. The game looks damn pretty good to boot!

Posted by HerbieBug

Why would anyone want to read LOTR more than once? It's a very influential piece of fiction but the narrative is super duper tedious. Large chunks of it are awful slog fests of landscape descriptions and rationing of elf breads.

Posted by Shaanyboi

Funniest quick look in such a long time...

Posted by allodude

Oh god, dat music.

Edited by Slaughtahouse

When is the pc version being released! I want it now and its only 24$ on Greenmangaming but the game is delayed! Whats going on? When is it coming out!

edit: screw it, couldn't resist. I bought it and activated in my steam library. Even though they don't even advertise it on Steam... well at least I have it for now.

Edited by vinsanityv22

C'mon Brad - "You. Shall. Not. PAAAASSSS!!!"

This is why I'm not on Team Brad. So much disappointment once those cameras start rolling, brother ;)

Like how you discovered, in LEGO Batman 2 - on camera, in front of the whole world - that the Dynamic split screen is DISABLED during the open world portions and comes back in dedicated levels. Why were you thrown by it here? And will you be thrown off by it in the NEXT LEGO game too? Jesus dude.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful


Is Glorfindel in this game?

Edited by Slaughtahouse

*Frodo scream* GAAAANNNNDAAALLLFF!!!!!

Posted by DJJoeJoe

@drewbert said:


What was the deal with them not being able to show more if they wanted? Just purely an issue of how long it would take to format/upload the video or whatever? Or something else?

I was trying to keep the Quick Look short because TNT started right after that and we needed to prepare!

Always assume quick looks will take an hour!!!!! :)

Posted by Cybexx

Travellers Tales continues to do a pretty good job on these games. They definitely have some jank which feels held over from their Movie Cash-In beginnings but they keep getting better. They tend to scratch both a nostalgia and a collection itch for me.

Posted by Dead_Cell

I dunno why but I completely lost it when Saruman batted that moth out of the sky. I wasn't expecting that at all!

Posted by Quater

@Aegon said:

@bloodsoul5 said:

@Mr_Skeleton said:


The humor in these games is fantastic.. if only they didn't play like shit.

Do they have the license for that easter egg?

There shouldn't be any license necessary - there's no explicit mention of anything about the Matrix. You can't copyright a guy wearing a suit.

Posted by ShaggE

Well shit. I thought I was done with these games, but this looks great.

Edited by Curufinwe

Hmm, Vinny's views on the Weathertop fight in FoTR seem a little strange to me. I thought the Nazgul always looked good, and it wasn't too much of a stretch from what happened in the book.

Now Frodo having all his strength of will and defiance taken away just to give Arwen something to do in the chase scene, that was a choice worth questioning.

Posted by Marokai
@gladspooky said:

Brad: "Alright, I am fully on-board with this game."

So he won't touch it outside of this Quick Look at all.

Posted by radioactivez0r

Was Legolas using some kind of electric comb on Gimli's beard?