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Posted by phrosnite

Am I the only one who thinks the first movie is boring as shit?

Posted by MEATBALL

What was the deal with them not being able to show more if they wanted? Just purely an issue of how long it would take to format/upload the video or whatever? Or something else?

Posted by fox01313

This is going to be the only LotR game I ever play, love the lego games & thought that some of the stuff they've done in the last few games have been great so this looks fun & a good game to dive into over a weekend.

Posted by hustlerlt
Posted by JeanLuc

I'm really glad this just turned into them yelling Lord of the Rings quotes.

Posted by ShiftyMagician

Can't resist:

Posted by Atomicvideohead

I think this might be one of my favorite videos on the site.

Posted by JayCee

Lethal Weapon is my FAVORITE Lord of the Rings movie.

Posted by Rasmoss

It's Lego Ryan Davis!

Posted by Phatmac


Posted by The_Ruiner

I love that Brad and Ryan had the exact same conversation about the spit screen with Ryan on Lego batman. Like word for word...

Posted by mak_wikus

Downloaded 720p has no sound.

Posted by kist

Great QL by Brad and Vinny! im actually really looking forward to this game, this is my casual game for xmas

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720P no sound vinny sama, or drew. Whoever can fix it.

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Sound design is pretty damn sharp.

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Yeah what happens to the sound when I try and watch it in 720p?

Posted by Brinty

Yeah, 720p version has no audio.

Posted by ComradeCrash

Lol so many quotes!

Posted by Death_Burnout

God bless you Howard Shore.

The disconnect between the original voice and humour is actually really funny, I was not expecting any of that.

Frame rate seems really dicey in spots but I'm totally on board, this will be the first Lego game I play since the first Star Wars!

Posted by xtafxfoulfellow

the music is giving me gasms!!

Posted by graboids

Vinbo Baggins...

Posted by emem

There are people who don't like the music of LOTR? That's really hard to believe.

Posted by KevinK

@sumdumgai17 said:

One does not simply get the first comment on a quick look

The best first comment ever in the history of the internet.

Posted by Peteybird

@KevinK isn't lying

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@Rodent said:

Yeah happens to the sound when I try and watch it in 720p?

Same here, oh well. Youtube "quality" is good enough for now!  
No, I take that back. Apparantly that's no good for me either. 
Dumb Hobbits
Posted by Excast
@graboids said:

Vinbo Baggins...

You are an American hero sir. 
Posted by ripelivejam

Should Legos talk? *read this in a Jay Leno voice*

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

This looks pretty great, gives you all the story beats and love the original audio from the movie, they should do Star Wars again with all the audio.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton
Posted by BasketSnake

I don't know if anyone mentioned it for the two bazillionth time but the audio does not have sound. Did I mention that the audio is dead?

Posted by TheVideoHustler


Posted by Fillem

I seem to miss that the surroundings are not Lego at all. Wasn't it so that everything around the characters was 'built' with Lego as well?

Posted by Mumrik

That yellow map cursor in the beginning looks like a rolled up condom...

Posted by wifeofgob

Matrix reference at 29:37?

Posted by Grilledcheez

Awesome quick look

Posted by Krockett

License Movie music...NICE!!!

Posted by karmaghost

I love you guys, but the audio (in the versions of the video that actually have it) when you guys were yelling was really bad. Is that "peaking?" I dunno what you call it, but the levels seemed off and I couldn't stand it.

Posted by SirOptimusPrime

720p without audio makes me a sad boy.

Posted by radioactivez0r

This looks really entertaining and I really like how they cut the audio from the movie to move the story along faster. Some of the little things seem improved as well. Now it makes me want a LEGO Matrix trilogy...WB owns that too right?

Posted by altairre

Dat score!

Posted by OleMarthin

no sound:( is this a sneaky way to make users watch in lower quality?;O;P

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Oh more Lego games... Well, let's see if this one is any good.

EDIT: Goddamn it I love Vinny :)

Posted by falling_fast

the music is so great :3

Posted by ZeForgotten
@wifeofgob said:

Matrix reference at 29:37?

Nope, just a line from the movie. 
"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson" is a thing though. So someone has made the reference, just in song form
Posted by BenderUnit22

Not sure I like the movie dubs in the cutscenes, especially when they cut out a lot of the dialogue. Also, should Legos talk?

Posted by ripelivejam

My friends, you bow to no one :')

Posted by nemesis208

Every lego quick look is to frustrating to watch, its right there in front of you, just press B

Posted by prestonhedges

Brad: "Alright, I am fully on-board with this game."

So he won't touch it outside of this Quick Look at all.

Posted by Dooleh

great retard moment @29:32 XD