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Posted by jaks

Game still looks amazing. BDSM nuns still fuck me up though.

Posted by ch3burashka

@teh_destroyer said:

No arrow in the knee, but definitely a sword in the mouth.

I don't think you bounce back quite as easily from a sword to the mouth.

The music choice kind of reflects the tone as whole - Ana Maria for Blood Money, and some wubwubs for Absolution. Like has been previously discussed, it's hard to make a Rube Goldberg-esque machine exciting in trailer form, but this isn't how most people will be playing Hitman, or if they do, they're doing wrong GAWD!!! As for BDSM nuns, still pretty hot, but I thought that was a joke - can't believe they're still going for it.

My Hitman experience is basically the first 2 missions of Blood Money, but I don't remember there being so much story, especially so much that personally relates to 47. While the movie might be blamed for being stupid and "humanizing" a robotic killer assassin, I like the idea or exploring such a psyche - they'd do well experimenting with his morals, especially now that he's not part of the Agency, and is on his own.

Posted by EarlessShrimp

Now I want to buy it just for that sweet-ass dubstep song.

Posted by DaSmart1

@kimbokasteniv: Actually this is an underground ring where the match is actually SUPPOSED to be a fight to the death, so he got a Silent Assassin because he killed him in a way not suspicious to the crowd. I don't think taking his mask off was a good idea though, but the crowd doesn't know who 47 is anyway.

Posted by AssInAss

@Victor018 said:

I'm really worried about this game.

You can avoid that. There are other ways to take the wrestler down. Sniper rifle. Drop something on him.

Posted by Peacemaker

A lot of people were a bit down on the game especially when they first showed it off. I think it looks really great though. Totally forgot it's coming out in a few days too.

Edited by MeatSim

I think that stabbing takes the cake even compared to Assassins Creeds face stabbing.

Edited by dedrek

What a cool trailer. I'm sad to see the direction the game itself is taking though.


More explicitly: It bothers me when people equate the quality of a game's advertising to the quality of the game itself. I can't say I'll be buying this no matter how much I admire the great work being done with some of these trailers and promotional videos.

Posted by kimbokasteniv

@DaSmart1: Oh well in that case, even better.

Posted by VindictivePotato

I haven't been hearing great things about this game from the vet Hitman community. It has left me a bit doubtful but I'll stick with my purchase. I pre ordered it from steam. So, at the very least, I have the older games in my library to revisit if absolution ends up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. :P

Posted by OMGmyFACE

Rest in peace, 47 (2000-2006). We will miss you.

Posted by Psykhophear

Great trailer except for the music. It's so Blurgh! Where's Jesper Kyd when you need him?

Posted by SpiderJerusalem

(Hit)Man on Fire?

Posted by OrbitalBliss

Looks decent... but the franchise already lost me.