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Posted by cannedstingray

@SavageM2: @SavageM2 said:

@bluecollaralaskan said:

Patrick, your "shotgun" is a bolt action rifle.

m4 carbine I think

which is why it has no spread and you were missing with it

Not that it matters, nor do I know much about guns, but is the M4 Carbine a bolt action rifle? Or is it that kind of bolt action rifle? Looks like an Enfield.

I'm sure you are right, I don't know much at all bout guns and had a feeling I was wrong when I wrote it, at any rate I thought it was kinda that he was calling what was clearly an old rifle, a "shotgun"

Posted by ArbitraryWater

This game looks like something I could play and enjoy. If I ever get a Wii-U, I guess I know what to get.

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I remember Eternal Darkness tempting me to get a Gamecube because it looked so different from other survival horror games at the time. This game is similarly appealing, though it's on the opposite end in terms of storytelling style.

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Posted by Alphazero

Looks cool. Glad WiiU has this one.

That said, not interested in games with no light. I have enough trouble seeing things as is.

Posted by Ekpyroticuniverse

Ok to settle this whole dumb debate.

Reason for bathroom washing machines is simple. Most of the buildings in the UK were built before inside toilets were a common feature. So large apartment blocks for example it is easier to plumb in one room all major new water works instead of a new bathroom (usually in a spare bedroom) and then another set of major works in the Kitchen area. In some areas what this means is that either economic reasons or access to pipes and stuff means for some bathroom was the best place for the plumbing for washing machines. In older Victorian houses not really the case and most washing machines are found in the kitchen.

Posted by Shovat

@vermin_king: When they shortened the barrel?

Posted by g00ber

Is the sensitivity on 0? How on earth can you play like that? Especially when this game seems to be an "Oh shit I just heard something behind me..." kind of game. Painful watching that.

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I'm Scottish and have never seen a washing machine in a bathroom, but I am fairly sure it's not uncommon, probably in other parts of the UK. Bathrooms are far too small in my city (Glasgow). To emphasise the point, In one flat I lived in the washing machine was in a hall cupboard.

Americans must have massive houses!

This game seems a bit boring. Also, that dirty lens effect is silly in a first person game. Are your eyes supposed to be filthy?

Posted by FuzzYLemoN

Fuuuck. My dream game exists as an exclusive for a platform that I otherwise want nothing to do with.

Posted by maskedarcstrike

Watching Patrick play games is just as frustrating as watching young Brad. Game looks really interesting though.

Posted by Boopie

is it the source engine?

Posted by bendz

I'm still undecided on this game. Decisions decisions...

Posted by niftymcnift

@bendz: I am the same .... I loved dark souls , and I love zombies but theres something about the infront spawns that appear in this video that bother me..

Posted by Cusseta

What was Nintendo thinking? Who's grandmother is going to play this?

Posted by Tiago


What are you thinking?

Posted by Rox360

Heh, god... I forgive Patrick for mistaking the carbine for a shotgun in his inventory, but making the same mistake in the upgrade screen, and when trying to increase the spread, instead decreased it from 3.25 to 2.60 without realizing it... That's a bit much! And it's been pointed out, but I also caught the use of "risk reward" which is a bit inappropriate when talking about the inventory... For it to be risk and reward, there has to be a lower risk alternative that also has a lower reward. I'm pretty sure this game doesn't have an alternative to accessing the inventory...
Game itself looks surprisingly engaging, though! Even if I can't find any trace of the supposed roguelike-ness oh god why do these guys say so many things that are so difficult to not talk aboutwhen trying to stay on topic

Posted by FreakGirl

This game is the reason why I have to get the WiiU as soon as possible xD

Posted by insomniak08

Not going to lie. If you are planning on buying a Wii U solely for this game, then you are most likely going to be disappointed. The game is not bad mind you (my fav out of the games I got which were NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Black Ops 2 and Zombi U), I just don't think it is worth buying the system for. Unless you are a major gaming nerd who just has to have the new console ASAP I would probably not recommend buying the Wii U right now.

Posted by mewarmo990

@glyn said:

So is a kamikaze run a legitimate strategy in Zombie U? Trap all the Zombie in a room and blow yourself up. Seems like bad game design if their are no consequences.

It's resource-limited, I think. You probably don't come across explosives (freaking land mine!) particularly often - in this case it was a good idea to save it for a group that would have been almost impossible to fight conventionally.

Posted by Sbaitso

Patrick's second character kind of looks like a pre diet Gary Whitta. It's a little weird.

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In my opinion the Zombies in the video didn't seem to be spawning in front of you, but were in fact coming out of hatches, other rooms or vents. There seemed to be warning signs, like clouds of dust from the ceiling of the elevator for example.

Plus the Zombies are attracted by noise so using the standard pistol or carbine, results in more Zombies joining the fight. Hence the silenced pistol.crossbow being available. I've only played the demo but keeping quiet did seem important. I died a lot when I tried to start shooting as all the nearby Zombies would appear, but I could snipe them individually with silenced pistol or crossbow.

I believe the mine exploded as it was possibly placed to close to a dancing Zombie, or possibly Patrick moved too fast after laying the mine, he seemed to be running backwards and pulling the gun before the mine was laid properly. It can be thrown and this may have been what happened due to running backwards mid lay.

Dealing with the dancing Zombies instead of sneaking past was probably a good idea as the music and disco lights would possibly have stopped at the worst possible moment. Also my guess is if you kill the DJ the disco stops and you have to deal with the remaining Zombies. The Zombies are only ignoring you and the flare because of the lights and music .

When I buy the game I will try to remember to check out some different strategies in the Zombie disco. :)