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Posted by Shotgunblast97

Hello my name is Shotgunblast97, well its not my real name because that would be Awkward. So as the title says this is my first blog and In this blog i want to talk about the games i'm playing

The Games I'm playing

I think everyone has these type of games that at first you absolutely hate and then after a while you play the game and something just clicks and you see how good a game it is this has happened twice this month, The first game this happened with is Company of heroes when I first played the game I hated how you had to capture point to get things like resource, but after a while I seen why they did this because It means that the game always fells exciting and I also love how it isn't huge squads and it least for me that make it a lot more personal and intimate than In a game such as Supreme commander.

The other game this happened with is Europe Universailes 3 when I first played this game I was so disappointed with it and I got bored so fast but after a couple of months of not playing it, I put the game in and I just saw how good the game is I now have a better understanding of the game and enjoy the game depth instead of fearing it but I'm still not figured everything out and every time I play I learn something new.

I find it funny that while everyone I talked to was talking about Black ops 2, I was playing Cod 2. The reason I bought Cod 2 was because I had never played it before and I wanted to see what it was like and compare to the other Call of duty's. I soon realized that even though there has been so many sequel the core mechanics of the game have not really changed. Except since this is the first time I have played a Cod game on the PC It felt more fluid than it usually does.

The End

So this is the end to my first blog I hope you enjoyed and If you didn't tell my why because I am open to criticism. I plan on Writing more blogs and hoping to write one a week. Also tell me what game you have being playing this week.

Posted by AjayRaz

i think COD2 is the only call of duty game that i haven't played, which is kind of a shame since that's the COD game that has a D-Day level. i should probably get on that but there's no way i'll ever get around to it.

nice read! you've definitely played some games that aren't widely discussed right now.

Posted by Shotgunblast97

@AjayRaz Thanks for the comment. I was actually quite suprised at how well Cod2 Played. I thought it might feel outdated but its still very enjoyable. I'm trying to get out of my usual comfort zone and so far its been very enjoyable.