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Posted by Count_Zero

Time for part 2, featuring Benkei.

I had to edit a chunk out of the middle, due to not realizing that the recording wasn't actually paused when I stepped up to deal with some schtuff. I would say that this won't happen again, except that I'll probably run into this situation at least once in the future.

Posted by Count_Zero

So, in retrospect, I should have posted this thread in the thread for part 1, and part 3 (which got deleted) in the same thread. Well, all further updates will go in this thread, and I'll have some comments in here two.

First, part 3 & 4:

The hidden areas in this game aren't particularly well done - either they're bloody obvious, as with this installment, or they're really easy to miss unless you've got enemy life-bars enabled.

Also, this game does a really terrible job of explaining who the hell these villains are, if you aren't familiar with the Tale of Genji or if you haven't played the first game. Part 4 also, hopefully, really gets across how much of a pain of the ass the camera is, particularly when it comes to enemies who have ranged attacks in these levels. The knock-back is also a bloody nuisance.

Posted by JZ

Genji 1 was good

Posted by Count_Zero

@JZ said:

Genji 1 was good

Hmm. I may give that a try then - particularly if it doesn't have the camera problems I'm having with this one.

Edited by Count_Zero

This time I've got some back-tracking, more forced party separation, and more obnoxious off-camera archers. Good news though - after two more episodes we'll be out of the castle!

As an aside, I never really paid a lot of attention to attack animations, until I played this game. Here, the attack animations for the various weapons make a big difference in how effective they are, to the point that I'm not using the more powerful second weapons, not because they're weak, but because the animations make them harder to aim with the lack of lock-on targeting and camera control.

EDIT: I've added episode 6 to this post, as I can't do another post until someone else makes one.

EDIT^2: I've added Part 7, though now the videos are technically out of order.