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Posted by pyromagnestir

Under the radar indeed.

Honestly wish I was that passionate about something. Anything. The closest thing I have to that sort of passion is my burgeoning gambling addiction. It gives me quite a rush. No tears though. Those won't come unless I hit rock bottom.

Actually, if Mitch Hedberg were alive... Or Kurt Cobain... Seems my idols have a tendency to die before I realize they even exist.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
@IronPrefect: She's amazing. If I can be one little bit like her I'll be content.
@Slag: Thanks, I hope so. I was very glad to have experienced this!
Posted by Slag

@TaliciaDragonsong: That's wonderful! I'm very it went so well for you!

There are some people in this world who are indeed truly awesome, sounds like your idol is legitimately one of the special ones. Kudos to her for seeing your passion in your eyes, I bet being an artist she appreciated it as much as you did.

Posted by IronPrefect

That sounds like a pretty awesome experience. Congratulations! Garbage caught my attention when I was a teen and I didn't realize until recently how vital I think Shirley Manson is.

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
Posted by LikeaSsur

Congratulations on this event. It sounds like you unlocked a very special real life achievement. Hurray for you!

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong
@Video_Game_King: Sorry, these moments are sometime dime a dozen but experiencing one of this magnitude was amazing.
@Yummylee: I used to be a Avril Lavigne fan, I know the pain!
I've been a huge Garbage fan for years however, crazy about them since somewhere in my teens and I kind of never expected them to come back with another album after a 7 year break, or to start touring again and come to Amsterdam. I just had to go and see them and as evident above it was well worth it!
And believe me, it was hard not to burst into tears the moment she looked me in the eye. The woman has an energy and power in her entire persona that just makes me scared. So yeah, idol!
Edited by Yummylee

If I had someone like that starring into my eyes I'd probably break into tears out of a mixture of confusion and pure terror. Anywhoo I've never listened to much of Garbage's music and I mostly associate her for her role in the Sarah Connor Chronicles, where she done a really solid performance throughout. Awesome to hear you got to experience such a magical moment in any case! Kinda wish I had a similar sort of idol I could look up to... during the teens I was kind of obsessed with Jonathan Davis, but fortunately I grew up outta that quick.

Posted by Video_Game_King

*sees title* Please don't be about true love, please don't be about true love, p-*page fails to load because site is crap again* *refreshes page* Pretty much? Good for avoiding the horribly cliche!

Posted by TaliciaDragonsong

Oh my bloody god,
I've got to see my idol and her band, Shirley Manson and Garbage, live in my country. A very pleasant small concert hall (website tells me 250 is the capacity, and it wasn't even full last night) with a magical crowd made my entire life perfect. For years I've wanted to see Garbage play and be drowned in their tones and lyrics of recognition. Last night was that night and living for 3 months on bread and rice has been more than worth it. Even if I had to go alone since no one else I know of is a Garbage fan but that was all forgotten as soon as the concert started. I thought I'd survive, I thought I'd just be happy and go mental. But instead from the moment Shirley Manson took the stage I couldn't stop tearing up. 
The energy, the power and the wealth of life experience came crashing down on me as she entered and ruled the room. She strutted around like she was the queen of rock and roll and slowly loosened as the evening progressed. To see my idol parade around like that, see her in all sorts of states and styles, all I could think was: "Oh god...she exists." It's one thing to be a fan of person or band, to see them on youtube and on dvd's, but to see them in person and see the intensity. The pure passion and power in her eyes. It's on a new level. 
Near the end, Shirley Manson knelt down right in front of me and looked me straight in the eyes as I was singing along. She smiled to me and we never broke eyecontact as we sang the refrain together. For that small moment I sang together with my idol.
She told me the world was not enough, but that it's such a perfect place to start, and I couldn't agree more.

I actually wanted to type some more about recent gamings and such but that'll have to wait, I'm still too excited from last night.