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Posted by Sunjammer

@Fattony12000: Man how about that Gamecube launch... Luigi's Mansion, Smash Bros Melee and Pikmin. And that console still failed miserably.

It looks like a good system. If it works for you it works for you. I'm a little bit more irrational I guess. Some games just trigger lust for me while others I can more easily postpone. I didn't get the Cube, for instance, until Metroid Prime. That was the game that pushed those magic buttons for me. I was a big big Ninja Gaiden fan when I was a kid, so I had already worked myself into a frenzy over the Xbox game before it came out, that was all I needed. I couldn't give a crap about the Halos, but how could I not play NG? I've been so bummed out by the lack of proper console survival horror, and I was such a big fan of Dark Souls that ZombiU just, right now, from what I'm told and what I've seen, just seems to be the prime reason to get a WiiU.

I'm that easy ;-)

Posted by Mcfart

I just want Nintendo games on the 360.

In other words, I want the Wii U to fail so hard that Nintendo gets out of the hardware business.

Posted by Sunjammer

@Mcfart: It doesn't work that way dude

Posted by Mcfart

@Sunjammer said:

@Mcfart: It doesn't work that way dude

I pray to Jesus.

It will happen.

Posted by Begilerath


There are rumors about the next MS console, codename Durango, which is what everyone thinks is going to be released next year. There are also less believable rumors about an Xbox branded Surface tablet which I thinks is what you are talking about. There is also an even less believeable rumor that MS is working on a Apple TV-like device which that is focused more on streaming content and also playing Xbox Live Arcade kind of games.

Is very possible MS releases something next year but Sony not so much. To release a powerful console like everyone expect, they either sell it at a really "expensive" price (450 or 500 USD) or they subside the price to sell more consoles. Sony is in big financial troubles and nowadays their most profitable bushiness is videogames, but that is because they are selling a console at a price over the cost and they have a huge user base that buys games and also an increasing number of people using their PSN service. If they are responsible with their company they can't take the risk of releasing a new console at a competitive price. Also I would like to point out that Sony is still working strong on PS3 games, there is The Last of Us (which seems its going to be a end of the year title), Beyond Two Souls and hopefully The Last Guardian.

MS can release a next gen console but the questions is, do they need it?. The make a huge portion of their money Live subscriptions, ads, and that sweet Call of Duty money... apparently people still love their Call of Duty by the sales of the last one. Besides that and Halo, and Gears of War, does MS care that much about games this days? Let's hope I'm wrong and they change their business strategy soon.

Finally, yes Nintendo has a history of being unfriendly to Indie developers but apparently they change a lot for the WiiU, they guys that made Trine 2 said Nintendo lets them set the price of the game, control when to do a sale, Nintendo is not making them pay for patches (unlike MS and Sony do now) and apparently is not putting restrictions on the number of patches. I'm guessing Nintendo intends to make some sort of "Indie Club" and let them play by this rules and not let everyone do whatever the y like, but still is a lot better than standard on consoles. Yes, this is not enough to gain mass appeal, but I think a console that has Nintendo games and a lot of indie titles (which are more likely going to use that gamepad in interesting ways) is something that could be interesting to a big number of people, at least enough for Nintendo not to disappear or become a third party like some think is going to happen.

Posted by Corvak

Do not buy a Wii U expecting the true next generation. When Xbox 360 and PS3 upgrade, Wii U will again be in the Wii's position, a little bit behind. If major AAA releases with huge budgets are your thing, buy yourself an Xbox 360, and buy whatever they come out with next, it's pretty well a given that Microsoft will put its giant bags of money where its mouth is and cater to these games.

Buy a Wii U because of Nintendo's lineup of first party titles, and what you expect third parties to try on the system - desipte the lack of mulitplatform, the Wii did get some great games designed specifically for the hardware, even from big publishers. If ZombiU is any indication, the same will be true of the Wii U.