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Posted by LobsterVendetta

First blog post, and with a video I made no less.

This won't be a public blog so I don't really know why I am posting this but hey, maybe someone will bump into it in the next couple of days.

This is relating to a "challenge" a developer from Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed created to have fans vote for characters they would like to see a DLC. As far as franchises go, Streets of Rage is one of the least represented by Sega. Aside from simple ports, they haven't made any new content relating to the series since the originals from the 90s. Hey I'm not a greedy guy, personally I'd like to see just Axel Stone being the one picked because he is pretty much the leader of the series, and Blaze being added in a sequel. Hell I don't even want this to lead to Streets of Rage 4 or anything, I just want this series to get some fresh representation for once. It aged quite well (especially 2), far better than some of the other games represented in the game, I think it deserves some substantial reference. But hey, so does Phantasy Star.

Posted by csl316

Cool stuff.  I tend to replay Streets of Rage 2 once or twice a year (and the first level of SoR 3).
So glad I got a chance to download the Remake.  Honestly, if they just released that it'd probably make all sorts of cash.  More full featured than any rerelease they'd scrape together.  With Sonic CD's XBLA release being fan made, and now Mega Man vs. Street Fighter... what the hell is stopping them?

Posted by LobsterVendetta


SoR2 is just one of those older games that has aged incredibly well. The visuals still look good, the music is fantastic and the gameplay is still satisfying with a lot more going for it than most beat em ups.

They probably didn't think SoR was worth the effort, despite that remake being one of the most impressive fan projects around and well received by those who managed to download it. Seeing as the series is only "officially" alive through ports, and a character from it couldn't even be bothered to be included in any of the Sega crossover games (While a bunch of Dreamcast era guys I rarely see around make it in) gives me the impression that Sega doesn't really know what to do with the Streets of Rage franchise.

Posted by csl316
@LobsterVendetta Yeah, it's a shame. I don't think it's a series that would benefit from 3D so they'll need to do somethin Castle Crashers like to make it interesting for kids that don't know what the hell it is.

I'd be perfectly fine with just more, which is basically what some of the bonus stuff in the remake offered. Though I'll admit that playing 2 with the gameplay of 3 made me realize that my preference of 2 is purely due to the music and art. 3's gameplay kicks so much ass. It's so damn fast and really makes you feel skilled. Maybe that'd be enough to get modern gamers to appreciate that the genre is more than just mashing a button? Nah...