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Posted by radroach

Game needs some lighting shaders and some msaa effects, it's kinda blocky otherwise.

Posted by pochunki

Really cool game! Not sure why it took Drew and Patrick 40 minutes to figure out a system that's explained clearly in the game, but whatever. It is a weird kind of thing, I suppose. Anyway, thanks for QLing this!

Posted by Protag_B4P

Im all for an endurance run on this. Get vinny involved though, he's into practical skills and ham radio and shit.

Posted by 90240dl

anyone else inspired to play some minecraft by this?

Posted by ShotgunLincoln

I like that the first thing I do is go in a giant circle. Fun game though.

Posted by aethion

looks like Farcry: Herpes Edition

Posted by MEATBALL

This quick look was basically boring as hell to watch, but I'm glad I watched it. It looks like a pretty neat game.

Edited by Bunny_Fire

The Fog of Cartography.

mi·as·ma (m-zm, m-)

n.pl.mi·as·mas or mi·as·ma·ta (-m-t)1. A noxious atmosphere or influence: "The family affection, the family expectations, seemed to permeate the atmosphere . . . like a coiling miasma"(Louis Auchincloss).

2.a. A poisonous atmosphere formerly thought to rise from swamps and putrid matter and cause disease.

b. A thick vaporous atmosphere or emanation: wreathed in a miasma of cigarette smoke.

source free dictionary

Edited by Mentaur

Thanks for the heads-up guys - just bought this very interesting-looking game, and a good compliment to Far Cry 3 perhaps? Seems like I should play it for a while and then re-watch this to make sure I'm on track with the game systems.

Posted by AssInAss

Super duper rad, I voted for this on Greenlight. Glad to see it be released. Thanks :)

Edited by ricochetguro

Kind of reminds me of Pathologic a bit just in terms of the unique nature of the mechanics and some of the atmosphere. Will definitely check this out soon. Ton of screen tearing in this video though, turn on vsync next time?

Posted by DeviTiffany

This game looks great. I just wish they didn't prominently show the creature on the promotional image on Steam. I realize the creature probably isn't that big of a deal in the game, but it's still annoying when developers do that. I'd rather they just hardly mention anything about it and let you find out on your own that something is out there.

Posted by thed9984

Dude how awesome would this be with track IR support. I would have to shell out for track IR and this game if they worked together.

Posted by FreakGirl

The Quick Look really got me interested in this one and so I bought it on Sunday. Really enjoying the atmosphere. Great game.

Posted by Alphazero

@sofakingcool said:


Totally. Getting that vibe, or maybe it's all this P4 Golden getting me nostalgic.

Posted by automatica

It's funny how the stuff we would find boring and mundane to do in real life becomes fun in videogames. I'm a sucker for Harvest Moon, and I guess this is why.

Posted by xMrSunshine

PMS Wedge

Posted by NegativeCero

I love quick looks like these that introduce me to games I would've never known about otherwise. Really curious to play this at some point.

Posted by cheesy123456789

Vsync. Use it. Seriously, this quick look was almost unwatchable because of the tearing.

Posted by Relshak

@cheesy123456789: I didn't notice a single instance of tearing. Not saying there wasn't any, but calling it unwatchable is the epitome of hyperbole.

Posted by Bollard

@Fleck0 said:

Holy crap the screen tearing is ridiculous in this game! Can anyone confirm if there's a V-sync option?

Were you using HTML5 player?

Posted by Stinky51012

I'll wait for a Steam sale. Like I do with 100% of my PC games.

Posted by Ivoshandor

This is the sort of game that i think would work well with the Wii U's game pad, whether it would sell on the platform is another question.

Posted by CBRodela

@Relshak said:

"epitome" "hyperbole"

Real talk... you made up these words.

Posted by Korwin

Man... do kids today know how to use things like triangulation? I'm actually kind of curious.

Posted by BabelTower

@Korwin said:

Man... do kids today know how to use things like triangulation? I'm actually kind of curious.

I wouldn't think that actual kids would really need to have to use triangulation... because they are kids. Let them have some fun before they grow up and need to survive on abandoned islands with carnivore monsters and bloody hands. ^^

Posted by BisonHero

@CBRodela said:

@Relshak said:

"epitome" "hyperbole"

Real talk... you made up these words.

Real talk: those words aren't even obscure. I've always been more of math and science student than an arts student, and I still learned those words during (or possibly shortly before) high school.

Posted by DoctorMatazawa

@triviaman09: Given the water animation, I think we might have been better off with the microscope animation