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Edited By Mesoian

Excellent. Working late made me miss this, this will be a nice midnight treat.

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Posted By andrew2696

Yo that F2P is amazing. Straight up gangster.

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Posted By Kushieda

Was caught up playing some vidya games that I missed this week's TNT yo.

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Posted By SnakeVIII

Brad called me awesome.

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Posted By JOURN3Y

@SnakeVIII said:

Brad called me awesome.

Brad crush?

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Posted By EricFine


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Posted By GenghisJohn

Man Brad has a gray beard

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Posted By foxmulder

A TNT that is almost 2 hours?!?!?!? WHAAAA???

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Posted By bkbroiler

@JOURN3Y said:

@SnakeVIII said:

Brad called me awesome.

Brad crush?

Who don't got one?

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Edited By Wastrel

Fun stuff. Terrible game.

Although the game had a winchester so really, who can complain?

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Posted By LarryDavis

Can someone make a gif of Jeff shaking his head at 3:43? That would be very useful for things.

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Posted By AWalczak08

I was on tv.

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Posted By csl316

But The Joker said if you're good at something, never do it for free!

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Edited By Alex_Carrillo

What was going on with Jeff's eye?!

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Posted By sungahymn

Yes! My Friday is complete!

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Posted By kycinematic

The last time Jeff was seen alive.

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Posted By downtime58

Say what you will about Mass Effect's regular story (I liked it fine), but the multiplayer turned out to be an unexpected bonus. I spent plenty of hours with friends leveling guys up to my war assets. Perhaps because they streamlined the combat so much, it translated well as a cooperative horde mode.

If anything, the drawback was that after creating a few guys, there wasn't much to keep me playing other than curiosity in trying the other classes. With a little more depth and variety, I wouldn't say no to a full cooperative-only Mass Effect game.

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Posted By courage_wolf

Jeff's shirt is bitchin.

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Posted By Garfield518

I felt dirty playing District 187. I immediately deleted it once Jeff left the match.

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Posted By akeripper4

that hair, jeff looks destroyed

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Posted By DougQuaid

@akeripper4 said:

that hair, jeff looks destroyed

Not destroyed, reborn.

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Posted By StoffInator

Nice hair Jeff. lol

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Edited By wibby

Mass effect 3???? Oh sweet Jebus!!!

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Posted By Catarrhal

@Alex_Carrillo said:

What was going on with Jeff's eye?!

Sitting a mere six inches away from big-ass monitors is not recommended by eye doctors.

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Posted By Rodin

man, in the multiplayer i was always just running around with the black widow and messing dudes up, and i was consistently doing great.

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Posted By Seroth

Wait, Patrick is suggesting Giant Bomb take a look at Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden? I'M TOTALLY INTO THAT.

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Posted By Death_Burnout

@Seroth said:

Wait, Patrick is suggesting Giant Bomb take a look at Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden? I'M TOTALLY INTO THAT.

Teeechnically they looked at it at Gamespot, but not at significant length.

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Posted By Fattony12000


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Posted By ekajarmstro

lol not planetside 2?

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Posted By TheMasterDS

I find myself enjoying the District 187 portions of the TNT more than the Mass Effect parts. I don't know, I didn't like the multiplayer nor did I like the game from a mechanical standpoint. At the time I was also playing Syndicate which man, sure does make Mass Effect look like a pile of dog poop when N7 Missions decided they were just going to be missions on multiplayer maps.

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Posted By Generiko

I wish they had shown more District 187. Mass Effect looked so clunky and Brad kept dying

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Edited By RichieJohn

I think Mass Effect did the maps right. Give all the maps for free so everybody's got them and charge micro transactions to the people who want to pay.

Might be a problem in more competitive games but I think all the gun unlocking in all multiplayer games unbalances it anyway.

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Posted By Knite

Oh Brad...

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Posted By LegendaryChopChop

Finally, ME3 multiplayer on GB! It's consumed much of my life. I love it.

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Posted By Tr0n

No PlanetSide2 ey?

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Posted By Wiseblood

Damn it. Brad gets a Mattock and Widow right away and when I played all I got was crap weapons for the longest time.

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Posted By DjCmeP

@LegendaryChopChop: They've played it before on TNT(back when ME3 was still new).

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Posted By Eaxis

Going to Gold that fast was not a good idea without a leveled up dude, upgraded weapons and more experience.

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Posted By RVonE

Don't be crazy, guys, it's Mass Effect so of course there is a way to resolve the Quarian-Geth conflict without losing either side.

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Posted By Sarumarine

@RVonE said:

Don't be crazy, guys, it's Mass Effect so of course there is a way to resolve the Quarian-Geth conflict without losing either side.

Yeah that was probably my favorite part of that game when I got the Quarians and Geth to play nice with each other. It was awesome.

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Posted By HippocraticOaf

Was that Matt Higby that showed up halfway through the show?

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Posted By HouseOfWolves

Daily Madden check-in is a awesome idea. 1 minute daily series.

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Posted By DasUberOgre

I said it on the chat, and I'll repeat it here.

Jeff looks like he has been through some SHIT. Is there a Fight Club in the building we don't know about?

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Posted By Rise2Ragnarok

District 187 is hood as shit

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Posted By RenegadeDoppelganger

@Garfield518 said:

I felt dirty playing District 187. I immediately deleted it once Jeff left the match.

Yeah basically.

Even though I've never actually made it into a real TNT before I still felt real dirty playing 187. Jeff is correct, that game was terrible and you should not play it.

FunkyBarnBurner represent!! Bo Bo!

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Posted By Canteu

@Eaxis: Don't be so silly! It wouldn't be a TNT if the staff member playing wasn't being carried hard.

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Posted By Dberg
I don't usually comment on people's looks, but I'm gonna comment on people's looks now: Jeff looks like he could grow a sick Charlie Chaplin moustache. That's something I'm all behind. Let's take the Chaplin back!
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Posted By Ravelle

@StoffInator said:

Nice hair Jeff. lol

Jeff always has just out of bed hair, nobody knows why.

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Posted By s10129107

Jeff used Gel and Hairspray to make his hair look like That.

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Posted By iodizedjoe
@Dberg: Um no. There was a place and time for Chaplin; he got it got. Also Jeff can't grow facial hair because his face and soul will always be 12 yrs. old. 

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