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Ryan... :(

Posted by Warihay

"What if you just did like a quick look a day?"

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I like the new (not really new) and casual "I love Mondays" format, but i wish the guys would stand closer together so we can hear what the fuck they're saying, and not get the big volume differences.

Make like a "I love Mondays-circle." That would be fun, right?

EDIT: Forgot the youtube player has automatic subtitling. Works great.

Posted by Okayn

play figure - cool ;DDD

Posted by Shtinky

@Theresonlyone said:

@Shtinky: They don't have a vita capture kit. Sony doesn't give them out to press, only developers.

Or they could film it off-screen, like they did with the PS Vita launch marathon.

Posted by chrispti


Posted by BlackPeople

BALDUR'S GATE! AHHHHHHHH! I just shit my pants.

Posted by JoelTGM

listen to all those mouse clicks

Posted by Jackel2072

To this date I don't think giant bomb has ever missed a Tuesday podcast. Even after podcasting for 5 days strait you will get your Tuesday edition of the giant bombcast.

Posted by alfawolf04

It's okay guys! They are, in fact, DOING A PODCAST THIS WEEK! Woo! XD

Posted by Ulzor

So what's goin on are they doing a podcast or not. Seems like it's been ages since they did one.

Posted by jakob187

I'm pretty sure I just heard say he was doing an Endurance Run of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition.

Did anyone else here that?

I approve of that idea.

Posted by Theresonlyone

@Shtinky: They don't have a vita capture kit. Sony doesn't give them out to press, only developers.

Posted by Theresonlyone

@DeadDorf: Because it wont be very good. A quick look of a crap game is entertaining, a TNT of a crap game is awful.

Posted by SupberUber


Posted by knightlyknave

@Paindamnation said:

of Drew in the Dig Deeper, makes him look like a woman. Either that or i'm going down a very weird hole.

It's understandable that you'd think so, but those things on his chest are manly hard as a brick pecs. It can be confusing because you've just never seen the likes of them before outside of a super hero.

Posted by DeadDorf

Why not do Guardians of Middle Earth for TNT?

Posted by impartialgecko

@Hansolol said:

Brad is the official MOBA editor.

Anime and MOBA editor Brad Shoemaker

Posted by Hansolol

Brad is the official MOBA editor.

Posted by MetalGearSunny


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Still waiting for that Jeff and Vinny Persona 4 Golden Quick Look.

Posted by NarcolepticBat

This video defines Giant Bomb's content in many ways. Or at least all the reasons I love about it. I think whosoever idea this angle for games journalism was a genius. I also feel like it could change many industries of press.

Posted by Stealthmaster86

May I suggest Cards Against Humanity? If you can. I FINALLY played it and loved it.

Posted by Nerolus

Hey man, how much do you want for that Walking Dead picture you've got there against the wall? I'm serious, I want to buy it for my shop/man room/garage.

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Ryan & Brad should race P4G.

Posted by OneManX

@dancingpolkabear said:

@BlackLagoon said:

So, last week I posted a bunch of games you missed during the October/November rush. Because I know you like fans being annoying, I'm going to post them again... When Vikings Attack!, Planets Under Attack, Clan of Champions, Killzone HD, Wonderbook: Book of Spells, Sports Champions 2 and Wicked Monsters Blast! HD.

Also, Page Chronica is out this week.

I concur

MAYBE Wonderbook, KIllzone and Sports Champion... kinda just dropped in on those pages, not a lot of people are talking about it, so... doubtful it was gonna get coverage and they feel pretty set on just knocking out backlog stuff for GotY and End Year stuff.

Posted by SecondPersonShooter
Posted by HerbieBug

Is there not custodial staff employed in this building? do you not have people to dispose of your refuse and recycle your recyclables?

Posted by DonkeyKong

Will there be a QL for this "Dick all" game Jeff mentioned?

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

For a "twilight period," you guys are sure pumping out a bunch of QLs. Cool beans.

@PimblyCharles said:

looking forward to Planetside 2 quicklook from Jeff

Heads up: you should prepare for that to be a totally ambivalent and perfunctory-feeling quick look.

Posted by michaelfossbakk

"Dig deeper into Drew Scanlon."

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

NeverDead anyone? No? Okay.

Posted by Nakiro


I don't think so.

Posted by sicjake


Posted by IzzyGraze

Yeah a quick look a day sounds pretty great. They could call it a Stamina run.

Posted by Duffyside

How about the games you guys have missed? Killzone HD, Ratchet Full Frontal, When Vikings Attack, Wonderbook... notice the theme...

Posted by dancingpolkabear
Posted by ArcLyte

brads fake whiny temper tantrum when confronted with the sonic racing game really pissed me off for some reason, and ryan's level headed response quickly canceled out my anger.

Posted by Sonny009

you guys oughta do sumpin guns of icarus related. if you have a coordinated team, it is amazing.

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@Flabbergastrate said:

Be honest: how many of you waved back at Drew?


Edit. NO ONE!

Double edit. The picture of Drew in the Dig Deeper, makes him look like a woman. Either that or i'm going down a very weird hole.

Posted by pyromagnestir

When will we get the quick look of Dick All? Inquiring minds must know!

Posted by Flabbergastrate

Be honest: how many of you waved back at Drew?

Posted by Jayzilla

The top men need to throw out those boxes. Frickin' gross.

Posted by Fattony12000

God, I'm feeling so ill.

Posted by SexVicar

Jeff giving Ryan the most mean and difficult video game of the year outside of Hotline Miami is going to go fantastic. 
I mean, I think it's rad and one of the best games of the year, but damn some of the challenges in world tour and S-Class mode are made by complete monsters (Worth it for that end game reward though)

Posted by Dethfish

I'm so glad they decided to start doing podcasts again.

Posted by warmonked

I like the off-the-cuff I like Monday's, but the audio is often really bad

Posted by Codeacious

Looking forward to the GOTY stuff. Always gets me through a somewhat boring winter break.

Posted by Bistromath

Dat Drew.