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Posted by MasterBrief

So is it not possible for them to throw in that extra bit themselves or is it like where management can't vote for employee of the month?

Posted by dropstring

Jeeeez, I'm really sorry for the Alpha Colony guys.

Posted by heythisisgandhi

While it's easy to feel some sympathy for these particular developers, it shows both sides of the absurd and shallow hype-chamber that is Kickstarter.

One the one hand, overambitious teams overstate their abilities and receive thousands, due mostly to a marketing video and a promise that they aren't beholden to some "evil publisher." While another team may lose out on funding because they didn't win the lottery of good PR.

As was stated in a previous comment, the developers may have dodged a bullet here, as $50,000 doesn't pay for much in the way of game development.

Posted by iainfarrell

Isn't this just Kickstarter working out the teething problems?

Posted by ROKE46

I feel sorry for them...

Edited by Brackynews

I had no idea people back-pedalled on their pledges. Then again I rarely pledge more than $10, and $3-5 is more likely. (I bought a MaKey MaKeykit via its KS, that's it. It already met the goal.) I'm still approaching KS under the PayPal tip jar methodology. I've never found the "merch" appealing enough to care, and it just drains money away from the actual project goal to deliver physical goods. I have enough t-shirts, and I don't hang up posters anymore.

The terms of service language is not accurate to its own spirit. This case (and probably others) has proved that back-pedalling in the last 24 hours can prevent a goal from being met, in aggregate. The math behind the scenes is looking at per-backer amounts, and that's not what's actually happening. They should revisit the policy.

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Posted by Os_Money

damn that sucks

Posted by echronorian

Why didn't someone on the team just pledge the petty remainder?

Posted by waylonflinn

The extra 30 minutes for close call projects is a good idea. I hope the publicity around this causes Kickstarter to consider it.

Posted by cassus

It's like 4 guys read this entire article.. So many comments talking about "why didn't they pitch the last $28 lol". The "why" is in the article.. Read it, it's actually a good article.

Posted by saturn639

Why go to Kickstarter at all? Just sell a game as an alpha or beta (see Minecraft and Don't Starve).

Posted by OhYeah

Could they have let this fail just to get publicity?