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Posted by AjayRaz

lucky you! we had some snow last week but it was all washed away by rain over the weekend. it was raining yesterday and it was 11 degrees celsius!

where art thou, snow? this is Canada, not some bad place that doesn't have snow.

Posted by FritzDude

Here's always snow.

Posted by SeanCoughing
@awesomeusername Yea that's what I'm thinking. We'll only have stories to tell out grandchildren "in my day there was something called winter and if old peoples heaters went out in the middle of the night they died, now they just die if they're air conditioner goes out".
Posted by Oscar__Explosion

I love snow. I got to experience living in it last year when I was in New Jersey and it was awesome, but now I live in Northern California and it never snows here. Makes me sad.

Posted by leebmx

@Fruitcocoa said:

@dagas said:

It's been chaos here in Sweden. Takes forever to get to work with all this snow. We got about half a meter (2 feet) of snow

Yeah! And the fact that people are dying is not good at all.

@leebmx said:

@Fruitcocoa: Where is that?

Vara, Sweden.

Shit man, I love snow and wish we got more of it here in London and that it didn't turn into brown mush so fast when it did arrive, but people dieing isn't good at all. I always had the impression all the Scandi countries were all prepared and organised for weather like this.

Posted by Dalai

The white stuff never left.

Posted by NegativeCero

Still no snow here in NY. I'm okay with snow, but I am always happy to see it gone after a while. Mostly because it is just something else that makes getting things done in the morning take longer.

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