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Posted by TrashMustache

I'm sure there's soundtracks i'm forgetting and many more I will discover but for now these are my ten favorite soundtracks ever! Should mention that listing a soundtrack over another isn't determined by one being the best or not but rather driven by the question:

"What soundtrack would I rather hear over another at any given time?".

# 10. Tekken 3

Dirty Phat Trippy New Age Rave Hip Industrial Metal Jazzy "Pre-Dubstep" DnB Shit. it's just a perfect storm. Very controlled and calculated but still electrifying. Just Sick.

# 9. PixelJunk Eden

You really have to be in the mood for some minimal, something I rarely am, but Baiyon's sound is one in a million and his track for Eden is just such a great one to zone out to.

# 8. Plants Vs. Zombies

It sounds minimalistic and even amateuristic (a intentional "clumsiness") which makes it all the more cute. Catchy as well, stole my heart. There's more beauty and sensibility in the soundtrack than you'd expect from this type of game, it's this playful oddity that makes it stand out.

Also there's a zombie on your lawn.

# 7. Super Mario Bros.

Ok this is a troll pick but do you really expect me to exclude the most iconic piece of gaming music ever made? All this time it's still catchy as all hell, this tune is probably as famous as Jesus. Simple and Brilliant.

# 6. Red Dead Redemption

you know, it amazes me more and more how games such as Red Dead manage to be better than 90% of movies made, even though it is in itself an homage to the western genre. The player involvment makes it so that games are able to hit on another level. Result, they make a lot of movies feel very limited and boring. The same applies to soundtracks. This one's just goddamn amazing, that gritty vibrant western "cry" gives me goosebumps.

# 5. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

From its theme song to the last piano instrumental and everything in between: A very contained sound, sneaky grooves, moody synths, funky breaks, just creates an atmosphere i've never quite heard anywhere else. It's technically impeccable. Just mad mixing skills.

# 4. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Still amazed by each distinct song for each part of the castle. Haunting and melodic. That unique sound produced for the playstation is just what makes it so unique. This soundtrack is so rich and diverse but yet cohesive. It lives, it tells a story. To my ears, no one has combined the Ominous with the Aristocratic so well. It is however, not an easy listen but a profound composition that works best while playing the game.

# 3. Hotline Miami

Grimy, Dirty Sounding not giving a fuck 80's throwback tunes and some trippy shit. The soundtrack is a bit of a mish mash with an attitude.

# 2. Assassin' s Creed II

Assassin's Creed 2's music is divine. It evokes so much in me, the beginning of time, history as a whole, the sacrifices humanity has made or has yet to make, just an air of philosophy surrounding it, just like the whole game, elevating it of course. It's of an amazing beauty and probably the most epic in this list in terms of scope and gravitas.

# 1. Shatter

Shatter's soundtrack just feels like you're on a mission to save the world, only you're invincible cuz you're so fucking epic. Each star you whiz by creates a ginormous orgasm throughout the universe until it all explodes and starts all over and you feel like a kid. On top of that it's kind of laughing at 90% of "House" music. Seriously Shatter diserves max volume, turn it up. This is Love you hear, from the heart through your ears and through space!

Long Live Music and Games.

What's your fav OST's? Would love to know.

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MGS2 definitely stands out for me. Halo 4 has excellent music and I love the direction they took with it, the best in the series

Oh and Portrait of Ruin also had great music!

Posted by DarthOrange

I loved the soundtrack in Plants vs Zombies, and the Super Mario soundtrack is classic. I never really felt like the soundtrack in Red Dead Redemption was something that was great when I played it, but maybe I should give it another go. As for the rest of the games on your list, I have yet to play them. That Hotline Miami track was awesome! Great list overall duder!
My personal favorites are the God of War series, the inFamous series and the Uncharted series. (Note: all links lead to youtube clips of the soundtracks, didn't want to clutter you blog with a bunch of my videos)

Posted by Mowgers

Bastion for me, because of how it integrated into the game. Deffo agree on Red Dead Redeezy and Shatter.

Just to take this to GOTY, I reckon Hotline Miami is going to win the best soundtrack, but it'll be a damn shame if they don't at least nominate Borderlands 2.

Posted by EVO

Fuck yeah, Shatter at #1 where it belongs. Pretty decent list.

Posted by Sweep

Machinarium, Bastion, Wipeout HD, Braid... come hang out in our plug.dj room, you will hear a lot of good stuff :D

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  • Mass Effect 3 An End Once and For All
  • Uncharted Series
  • Pokemon Red
  • The Legend of Zelda Series
  • Metal Gear Solid
  • Kingdom Hearts
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Shatter #1 like it should be, nice work, although not including Bastion is a critical error.

For me it would look something like.

  1. Shatter
  2. Bastion
  3. Hotline Miami
  4. DiRT 2
  5. Burnout: Paradise City

Shatter just has incredible tracks that I can listen to independent of the game, Bastion uses music in a smarter and more powerful way than probably any game ever has, Hotline Miami uses its deliberately grimy soundtrack like a drug and the last two both use music so perfectly to convey a feeling of place. I guess Hotline Miami, DiRT 2 and Paradise City aren't original soundtracks but they're so good at using it.

Posted by TrashMustache

@Thompson820: I know what you mean regarding non original soundtracks, I thought about adding them 2 but saw it more fit to make a separate top 10 with licensed music as soundtracks, Tony hawk 2 for example, would make a good contender, maybe even a fifa game lol.

Posted by Thompson820

@TrashMustache: Well Hotline Miami's soundtrack isn't original but it fits so perfectly with the visual aesthetic and the feverish, violence-induced state you fall into that it feels original.

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@Thompson820: hmm didn't know that about Hotline Miami, this list is fucked now! :(. oh well :p, and yeah you're totally right, that's why i thought it was an OST, damn great selection, my respect just grew even more!

Posted by steelerzfan101

Good stuff! I also really like the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. The music from that game is awesome!

Posted by aurahack

@EVO said:

Fuck yeah, Shatter at #1 where it belongs. Pretty decent list.

I was terrified when I didn't see it on the list, and then saw it at the top. I feel so much more secure now. Phew. We could of had a real crisis on our hands.

Shatter is definitely at the top for me as well, but the rest of the list would take some real thinking. This year sure had some of the most excellent soundtracks in a while, though. Hotline Miami, FEZ, Journey, Max Payne 3...

Posted by DavieLove



Pretty good list. I'm with you on Shatter's music. That stuff is fantastic.

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Terrible hipster list. There is none of the following

Final Fantasy Tactics

Lost Odyssey

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Afro Samurai

ES: IV Oblivion

Secret of Mana


Chrono Trigger

Final Fantasy X

The only one you got right was Castlevania SotN

j/k it was just my way of making my own list. But really most of those soundtracks you posted wouldn't be in my top 50. Only Castlevania SotN would crack my top 5.

Edited by TrashMustache

@Hyperglide: hey man, it's not a "hipster" list, these are just opinions no need to call people names. as i said in my introduction I love a lot of soundtracks, these are just my favorites, however i think final fantasy music is terrible lol, i'm glad you expressed your thoughts and posted some soundtracks! :)

peace of akatosh is one my favorites as well :) but I count soundtracks as a whole though, and i dont love every song on the soundtrack.

Posted by jerseyscum
Posted by LackingSaint
Posted by Sinusoidal

This thread is sorely lacking in Mega Man:

So epic!

Production values went up, composition never got any better.

Posted by Ramone

I thought I was alone in my love for the Shatter soundtrack, that thing is a work of art.

My picks in no particular order would be:

  • Fez
  • Journey
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • MGS series
  • ME 3
  • Shatter
  • Hotline Miami
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Dustforce
  • The Walking Dead
  • Bastion
  • Uncharted series
Posted by impartialgecko

I don't see Vice City in this post. This is a problem.

Posted by TrashMustache

@Sinusoidal: damn i completely forgot about megaman, true those games have great music, gonna have tro try to pick the ultimate megaman soundtrack to include in the list

Posted by Hyperglide

@TrashMustache: Relax bro, I was j/k or did you miss it when I posted that the 1st time?

Posted by believer258

I am as of this very moment tempted to go buy Journey on an impulse after just listening to this.

Anyone not nominating this must be tone-deaf or have incredibly bad tastes. This is Chrono Trigger levels of amazing game soundtrack.

Edited by TrashMustache

@believer258: i completely agree that Journey has outstanding music but It only works for me in the game, outside of it, it feels to sentimental and forced, in the game though? it was fucking amazing, goosebumps all over, Journey GOTY

Posted by believer258

@TrashMustache said:

@believer258: i completely agree that Journey has outstanding music but It only works for me in the game, outside of it, it feels to sentimental and forced, in the game though? it was fucking amazing, goosebumps all over, Journey GOTY

It doesn't sound sentimental and forced to me at all, but then maybe not playing the game yet has something to do with that?

Posted by StrangerInTheNight

I always have a place for the Morrowind and Halo soundtracks, they bring back a lot of good memories from playing those games.