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Posted by Humanity

I was about to say how dumb this is and how it doesn't even make any sense but if it's free hey whatever. Good on 'em for keeping the name alive.

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Posted by BlackSymbiote

This is awesome. Plain and simple.

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Posted by Krockett

2012 GOTY?

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Posted by Slither_Maggot

That was actually pretty damn cool.

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Posted by Phished0ne

Kappa Kappa Kappa Pogchamp Kappa Kreygasm Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa ResidentSleeper Kappa Kappa Kappa

I needed to change my underwear after they announced this on the SF25 stream. Pretty cool that they got behind this fan project. Also awesome that they hired Combofiend and Haunts to work in some capacity with them. Im assuming that means a lot more Capcom sponsored fighting game tournies in the future.

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Posted by Alex_Carrillo

Celebrate Mega Man by propping it up against Street Fighter so that SOMEONE cares. That's...yeah, that's pretty Capcom.

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Posted by fisk0

@lordofultima said:

@ptys said:

Why still the 8-bit? I think everyone is in agreement that the SNES 16bit era was the best! Seriously Capcom, how many times do you get it wrong! lol

get it wrong? I think you're mistaken. X is far less iconic than 8-bit megaman.

@dagas said:

@ptys said:

Why still the 8-bit? I think everyone is in agreement that the SNES 16bit era was the best! Seriously Capcom, how many times do you get it wrong! lol

Megaman is and always will be 8-bit for me. Megaman 1-3 is all I care about. Loved the Megaman 2 style intro.

Yeah, I'm not sure either, I thought the 16-bit and PlayStation era stuff is where it's generally considered to have jumped the shark, not it's creative peak. But I have never played the SNES or PS1 games, so I certainly couldn't say myself, but that's the impression I've got over the years.

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Posted by TheSouthernDandy

This is pretty rad.

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Posted by fox01313

Interesting idea though with the work that went into this, think that capcom could have gone with it being $5 & gotten enough people playing it without feeling too burned about it being expensive.

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Posted by MeatSim

Can't really complain about a free Mega Man game.

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Posted by Aon

@WulfBane: No kidding, I felt that way when they announced Dark Void Zero too.

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Posted by freakin9

I'll be honest, if this was JUST a trailer I would've come away happy.

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Posted by TheRedDeath

I love you too, Capcom.

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Posted by Peter

Megaman 9 and 10 were great and as a street fighter fan as well I lost my shit over this.

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Posted by RVonE

lol, that ending

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Posted by RoyCampbell

At the end you get to kill Mega Man Legends 3.

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Posted by Tesla

I'm not even that big into Mega Man and this just made my day.

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Posted by sicjake

When I heard that Capcom wasn't planning anything major for Megaman's 25th I was really disappointed. With all the success of Megaman 9 going retro, you think at least they would toss together a retro Megaman bundle or something. I'd gladly pay 50 bucks for a bundle of all NES/SNES megaman games.

The fact it's a fan making this goes to show that Capcom really missed the boat, at least they are on board with this and now trying to pull it down like Square likes to do.

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Posted by Shaanyboi

I'll play it. I don't even give that big of a shit about Mega Man, but this looks rad.

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Posted by TehBuLL

This looks fantastic. Can always use some mega man in my life. The trick to life is that you have to steal the traits of those you meet, and then surpass them with your own power. Mega man is the truest game.

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Posted by Accolade

Capcom is giving everyone fan service including itself. Insta-buy.....download.

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Posted by dvorak

Capcom could have charged like 5-10 bucks for this, but instead is trying to buy back some goodwill. Maybe they've turned a corner?

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Posted by Menkhor


And the Blank-zilla at the end made me lol.

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Posted by slot9

Thanks Capps!