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Posted by Fruitcocoa

Duders, it's that time of year again. But before I kick start working on my end year list (still have to play Far Cry 3) i thought that you should take a look at my Games of the years past. Enjoy!

1. L.A. Noire

2011: I don't know where to start. It might be a story with a couple clichés but my god this game is amazing because of it's story and the feeling of the game. There's a layer of darkness and sadness to this game that makes you, as the player frustrated to be part of the stuff that is going on. Memorable cases mixed with great music, great setting and first and foremost great characters is what makes this game what it is. The reason why this game is my game of the year is simple - it's a great combination of fun and heavily story based actions, I always felt part of the world and the story around the love affair in this game is simple but beautiful, much like everything else in this game.

2. Mass Effect 2

2010: Imagine a game where everything works as close to perfect as it is possible. Imagine that game having a fantastic story with awesome characters. That game is Mass Effect 2.

3. Dragon Age: Origins

2009: Another great living world with a lot of great characters and one hell of a story from BioWare. The only thing that was different this time was the fact that the only game that was almost as good as Dragon Age: Origins was Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

4. Grand Theft Auto IV

2008: The amount of detail, the fantastic story, the crazy characters and finally the mature Grand Theft Auto that I've been waiting for.

5. Mass Effect

2007: One of the greatest games ever by today’s greatest game studio. The graphics were busted and the game play sucked every now and then. But man... The universe that BioWare created was breath taking. And of course; hearing Wrex say "Shepard" could save the worse day!

6. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

2006: The sunrise in Anvil, all the spoons that I collected, my fantastic runs from the cave to Chejdinhal and... My fantastic run that took hundreds of hours. It took a long, long while for me to drop this game. And when I did, it wasn't because of tiredness; it was because of one hell of a crack in the disk.

7. Jade Empire

2005: Oh Jade Empire... A game with fantastic story, even more fantastic music and - I said it before and I'll say it again - the most fun I had playing video games.

8. Halo 2

2004: The story was a huge disappointment, but this game changed it all. Literally.

9. Beyond Good & Evil

2003: Oh. My. God. This game is not a game... This is a interactive masterpiece that deserves to be praised in all eternity. Beyond Good And Evil had great characters, awesome gameplay and also one of the most fun with any video game ever.

10. Mafia

2002: While the 3D debut of the Grand Theft Auto franchise pretty much did that I lost all hope for this game it turned out to be one of my favorite games of all time. Awesome story and one hell of a cast made this a very easy choice, really.

11. Grand Theft Auto III

2001: Two words: LIBERTY CITY!

12. Diablo II

2000: Not much to say here, Diablo II is probably the best game from Blizzard to date, together with the original Diablo. Fantastic music, a great story, even greater world and fun classes to play around with made this game one hell of an experience.

13. Final Fantasy VIII

1999: Well, if Ocarina of Time had me stucked for way too long then Final Fantasy VIII had me stucked for way too long times three. A great story combined with great characters and at the time breath taking graphics was almost enough. The fact that I ended up grinding the game for months basically put it on the top of 1999.

14. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

1998: Not the best Legend of Zelda games, but not that far of. Ocarina of Time is a very good game that had me hooked in front of the TV way to long.

15. Harvest Moon

1997: Harvest Moon for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System is not only the best game of 1997 but also the best game... pretty much ever! Why? Fantastic graphics, one hell of a charming world and game time worth everything!