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there is a lot of stuff on those desks, holy crap!

also those boxes holy hell!

Posted by beepmachine


Posted by Matoyak

God that red is TERRIBLE looking. Well, OK, I just don't like red. Or, well, I like red as an accent. Mostly darker reds, not brighter reds. But my knee-jerk reaction is "Holy gods that wii, wiimote, and nunchuck combo is ugly"

Posted by BBQBram

Brad's reaction at the lack of component support: priceless.

Posted by csl316

Woo, Alex.

Posted by 24thDoor

@impostle said:

Someone has to break down those boxes and take them to a recycling bin. I'll do it, it's just driving me crazy to see all of them laying around forever.

Right? Working in that office would drive me f'ing nuts.

Posted by Crawdaddy

Maybe the Wii Mini is thicker to keep the electronics from freezing in the arctic cold of Canada? Also Jeff's crazy bed hair is killing me... :)

Posted by flasaltine

@Phatmac said:

So still no content? Great.

All of them are spending eight hours a day working on GOTY stuff. Its obvious why they can't take any time out of their day to record a quick look or do TNT.

Posted by fox01313

Really hope that this year of GOTY has the same or better levels of greenscreen madness that was in last year along with wicked cool bombcasts on the verbal battles with this.

Posted by ildon

@crithon said:

honestly feel they should have released this 5 years ago

For a second I thought you meant the GB guys should have released this video 5 years ago. It made me angry and confused.

Posted by 24thDoor

History repeats itself.

The late life SNES redesign removed S-Video support. Found that out the hard way.

Posted by crithon

honestly feel they should have released this 5 years ago

Posted by cthomer5000

video worth it for Brad's reaction alone.

Posted by Rayeth

MY GOD. I am surprised they posted ILM, I assumed they had all peaced out for the holidays. Hooray for more bombing! Can't wait for the GOTY stuff.

Posted by Wampa1

What... where is the beard I can't... express my sadness.

Posted by HighPriest

I already miss Beardly Shoemaker.

Posted by DefAde

Wii Mouth Jeff needs to be a permanent character

Posted by Napalm

@Fattony12000 said:

Beard down in section one alpha.

has to answer for his crimes.

Posted by Talis12

thats the Wiik..

Posted by Fattony12000

Beard down in section one alpha.

Posted by impostle

Someone has to break down those boxes and take them to a recycling bin. I'll do it, it's just driving me crazy to see all of them laying around forever.

Posted by Live_Free_or_Die

Mass Effect(PS3) Quicklook?



Posted by EngineNo9

I was expecting a shitload of content this week since last week was so empty.

Posted by Kerned

@thedj93: I think the GOTY podcasts were recorded last week, so I would assume he's going to be on the regular-ass podcast. Which would be weird, because why not bring him out last week?

Posted by Zawa

Looking forward to the goty-stuff

Posted by Patman99

Silly Americans being jealously dismissive of the clearly superior Canadian Wii Mini. You guys are lucky Stephen Harper green-lighted this export of the Mini

Posted by MeatSim

I really like the colors of that mini Wii but man does it look cheap.

Posted by Kenobi

Someone meme Brad's shock face

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Posted by posh

brad grow the beard again

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East Coast Correspondent Alex That's a thing Navarro finally returns!

Also, the amount of Brad gif material in this video is mind-blowing!

Posted by Ouren

Did you know that even if you plug in a Wii USB ethernet thing, that the buttons are just NOT THERE on the OS?

Posted by CharAznable

Can't wait for the GOTY stuff, best time of the year.

Posted by JayCee

You duders should invite Rorie to the house as well for a lil' Screened reunion happy time fun-stravaganza Christmas surprise!

But seriously...

Posted by dangeRUSS04

alex on the cast this week?

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing


Posted by statiknights

Wii mouth Jeff should just be the normal Jeff.

Posted by FormulaDeuce

Woot! Finally getting Alex back behind a mic/camera/anything. I know he's been doing a lot of writing for the site lately, but it's just not doing it for me. I need my Alex fix and have him spouting out adjectives I've never knew could even exist.

Posted by joshthebear

A beardless Brad, crazy hair Jeff, and full bearded Vinny all represented here.

Posted by SatelliteOfLove

About this time, the gang looks around their cluttered office, and say in a whistful tone, "Now...it is a home."

Posted by crimsonlordofwar

That office would drive me nuts

Posted by RetroVirus

Hooray for Alex!

Posted by Kinapuff

@Lobster_Ear said:

Wii Mini mouth Jeff. Make this into a show.

Posted by Phatmac

So still no content? Great.

Posted by zyn

Alex in the house soon?! FUCK YEAH!

Posted by l3reak

The moment they opened up that top I couldn't help from laughing out loud. "Fisher-Price" indeed.

Posted by JZ

Good the love is still here

Posted by buhssuht

they need to take a whole day to clean up their desks, and record it.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton


Brad didn't shave for the GOTY videos and that he is now beardless!