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Welcome to the third day of my random end of year awards! Today we have Best Sidekick, Boss Fight, Ending and more! As always these are presented by the crazy AI rabbit Zero III. If you missed the previous editions, be sure to check out Day One and Day Two here. Zero, take it away!
Fidget has great dialogue, she is actually funny. There are various moments of her breaking the fourth wall (“Mash the buttons!”) which work well. Also, gameplay wise, her powers are awesome. I think about halfway through the game I figured out how to turn Dust into a flying whirlwind of fire, and it’s pretty awesome. Mainly though, Fidget is just fun to have along with you throughout the journey. 

Runners-up: Nick, Lollipop Chainsaw; Clementine, The Walking Dead

Best Boss Fight: Yasha, Asura’s Wrath

Every fight with Yasha is great, but I have to say that first one is the best one, (the whole DLC chapter dedicated to it is pretty great, but it’s DLC, and a whole chapter made of multiple fights, making it disqualified). You just killed the first God, and you’re in pretty messed up shape. You have no arms, no arms! Then Yasha shows up and you have to fight him with no arms! It’s not too different from the other one on one fight’s you’ll have in the game, but it’s the first one like this, and the ending of the fight is great. 

Runners-up: Lewis Legend, Lollipop Chainsaw; Metal Sonic, Sonic 4: Episode II

Best Physical Item: Metal Sonic Statue

I stopped buying special editions and related things thankfully, but I still ended up with more video game merchandise than I had hoped. But man, the Metal Sonic statue on top of my desk is great. Metal Sonic has become my mascot of the year. I bought the statue from First4Figures, and this is becoming real ad-like, so I’ll stop. But man, I love that statue. 

Runners-up: Rhythm Heaven Fever Vocal CD, Street Fighter X Tekken bank


Best Quote: Augus fighting beautiful women

“You fight, then sleep with beautiful women. Hell, fight with beautiful women!”

I do have to qualify this by saying this is for best quote not in an ending. This one was kind of tough, because a quote is a quote not a speech. But this one wins. Augus is a great character, and this quote sums up everything about him. Everything is about the fight to him, and it’s pretty funny and damn it I would love to see him fighting women. I think what makes this top of my list is the setting. Asura and Augus are in a hot spring, they are about to fight each other to the death, but Augus won’t have that before a hot spring session, crazy..

Runners-up: “The moral is you’re a total bitch.”  -Handsome Jack, Borderlands 2, “That’s why a smart man stays the hell away from whores. Deception is just what they do.” -*Mute, Analogue: A Hate Story

Best Ending: Spec Ops: The Line

Spoilers for Spec Ops follow. Tune out now if that bothers you.

I really wish I had played this before Black Ops 2 and The Walking Dead beat me over the head with the whole “You’re a bad person” thing. Because this game does it really, really well. I went into the game knowing that shit gets crazy halfway through, and it did. That was neat, but nothing too crazy. Things were messed up though. The ending though, I had a ton of theories in my head about how the ending went, but damn. When you find out Konrad is dead and everything is your fault, holy shit. Everything ties together so damn nicely. I’m a fan of last minute twists, but it’s been awhile since I’ve played one that just fit. That by itself would’ve been fantastic on it’s own, but they add on the final confrontation with “Konrad” where he’s aiming the gun at you. The game matches every thought so brilliant. It’s so damn great. There are various epilogues, which are fine, but the best part is from the reveal to the countdown. The music, the dialogue, beautiful. 

Thanks for reading, tomorrow will be the last of these awards, with Song of the Year on Saturday and my personal Game of the Year list coming on Sunday. For more of my random nonsense follow me on Twitter or check out my other blog Really Bad Future. See you tomorrow when I’ll reveal my pick for the winner of the Year of Rhythm. Until next time!