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Posted by Archer88

So I was listening to one of the more recent Bombcasts the other day, and the crew were talking about how the 360 controller might change with the next generation of the console. Given that they have already laid the groundwork for a companion touchscreen with Smartglass, I wouldn't be surprised if they incorporated this into their next controller. This was more or less said on the bombcast, but concerns were raised over how changing such a popular controller might affect the fan-base. I think there is an obvious solution.

Use the space that you would normally put a chat pad, and fill it with a small (phone sized?) touch screen. It could even act as a chat pad still since most people are fairly comfortable typing on a touch screen these days. Thoughts?

Posted by bigsmoke77

My thoughts on your idea?  
No shit.

Posted by EVO

So long as they fix the dpad I'm happy.

Posted by Linkin10362

Not all of this is confirmed. Hell, all of it is rumors as of now, but it's interesting to read nonetheless.


"Other rumors touch on the controller—it could feature a touch screen, programmable buttons, or changes even more extreme—plus cloud and always-on gaming, a radically different interface, and a new Microsoft that's friendlier to developers."

Posted by sandmanarenas

I guess the smartglass thing might have a big weight in the next xbox console, hope I'm mistaken

Posted by deithe

Hmmm i like the idea of touchscreen on the new controller, I just hope they don't change the design much, the controller is one of the main reasons I've got an Xbox over a PS3 :)

Posted by TooWalrus

I'm severely disinterested in touch screen or second screen controllers. If one of you could explain to me "what is the fucking point" or "how can this make games better," I'd love to hear it.

the next xbox controller
Posted by l4wd0g

I like the 360 controller as is. They should really make the next console a tablet that can play the next gen games on your TV, but also $.99 games on the go. The whole idea of a living room experience for consoles is an antiquated idea.

Posted by UlquioKani

They need to find a way to make more buttons fit on that controller. There needs to be less time spent in menus across all games. I liked Jeff's idea of having a genesis style 3 buttons on the face. Make that fucking Xbox guide button smaller and make room for a couple more buttons in the middle and an N64 style handle in the middle with more buttons. I don't need another screen. Perhaps the controller could flip open like a DS. Then you could have a second screen and retain a lot of buttons.

Also, the option to use a keyboard as well as a controller would also be awesome.

Posted by DoctorWelch

@EVO said:

So long as they fix the dpad I'm happy.

The D-Pad has been fixed for a while now.

Posted by nintendoeats

NO. Touch screens on controllers no intended to be used as gameplay screens will always be a terrible idea until we also develop cheap technology that lets us give those buttons texture.