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Posted by KittyVonDoom

Surprised there weren't more furry games in the list tbh.

Posted by AssInAss

This is an awesome list because most of these games I haven't tried (FTL, Double Fine Happy Action Theatre but I don't have younger siblings or kids, Spelunky, or 10 Million).

Just an interesting perspective.

Posted by DystopiaX

Finally someone gave props to Torchlight II! Such a great game, sad that the GB crew isn't mentioning it for GOTY awards, at all. (although i have been too busy to check out today's awards so if it shows up on there, don't kill me)

Posted by Winternet

Hello 2011!

Posted by dropabombonit

Kind of weird list but I guess like he said in the intro he didn't have much time to play games because he was crunching on his own game

Posted by Rox360

I admit, I freaked out about "prequel" as well... But it is not unimportant to correct things like these! If you let people run loose with misconceptions like that, things like "could careless" become commonplace! People start talking about how they "trolled" someone with a joke or prank! They have different words because they mean different things, and if you start using the new word to describe the old thing, soon enough they'll just have to invent yet another word to describe the thing the new word was supposed to be used for and everything becomes even more complicated...!

A prequel is a type of sequel. That's all there is to that.

Posted by artofwar420

Excellent list of games. Will check out 100,00... that one.

Posted by RenMcKormack

Great list. Great game. But all I could think about was the Smokey the Bear thing from the Bombcast. Damn you Gertsmann.

Posted by Thor_Molecules

Great list.

Edited by golguin


Dust An elysian tail WAS SOOOOOO GOOD, enjoyed it better than Halo 4. and i'm a HUGE HALO Junkie

I finally bought Dust and I'm around the 50% mark and it really is as good as people say. The story keeps getting better and better and the whole package is made more amazing when you consider that amount of work a single dude put into it.

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