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Posted by zeus_gb

It's that time again when lots of us make lists of the best games they've played this year. Some people agree, some don't and some really don't care.

I've certainly not played a lot of games this year so the list probably won't include some of the big hits of the year. For example I haven't played Dishonored or Far Cry 3 yet.

Best Action RPGs of this year

Torchlight 2 (loved the first game and really enjoying this).

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (shame the developer went under, hopefully someone can pick up the IP and go with it).

Legend of Grimrock (reminds me sooo much of the classic Dungeon Master).

Yes I know there's three in this section but they are all good.

Best adventure game

Walking Dead (For the awesome story tellers at Telltale Games).

Special mention for Resonance (this takes me back to the Sierra days).

Best shooter

Spec Ops: The Line (some people may not agree with this but having played Borderlands 2 and gotten bored of it after a while I won't be putting that down).

Best game ending credits video thing

Black Ops II

Most disappointing ending

Mass Effect 3 (After importing my character from the first and through the second to the third game you kill my character off)


Some random stuff

The game i've spent most time playing this year

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

The easiest rare achievement i've gotten this year

Tomb Raider - read 100 graves in the game Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. I don't know how this is actually rare as it's really easy to do and the first five minutes of the game has a graveyard with at least 30 graves in it.

The game I keep going back to after all these years

C&C Tiberian Sun (still the best C&C game in my opinion just in front of C&C Red Alert II).