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Posted by shadow763

Awesome ending to the video. She reminds me of my two young Minecraft obsessed daughters.

Posted by ripelivejam

@Razputin said:

@Scotto said:

However, I also recognize that Patrick has an occasional tendency to use hyperbolic language when describing games he doesn't like.

It was the same thing with stealth games while talking about Mark of the Ninja during the GotY podcast. "Oh, but stealth IS SOOO BAD, HAHA!"

No, it's not. YOU don't like it, Patrick. A huge difference here.

didn't know he was the only one in the entire world who doesn't like stealth games

also you're twisting his words around and taking things out of context. and he's just a hyperbolic guy, it's his style and yeah maybe he shouldn't call a game dogshit but i'm pretty sure he being tongue in cheek when acting so incensed about games he doesn't like.

also they shouldn't have to pull any punches if a game from a friend of the site is bad. thought that was the whole basis of giantbomb's foundation.

Posted by darkjester74

You could not plan a better ending to that video, LOL!

Posted by Error1355

Such a cute kid. Haha.

Posted by ScreamingGhost

Thanks for the video Jaffe.

Posted by Spadge

A lovely video. It;s interesting to see the difference between what developers find the time to play and enjoy compared to that of consumer gamers and reviewers.

Posted by Tan

@Whirblewind said:

Jaffe is overpowering. I feel exhausted after this video.

I love this man. Thank you for what you've done for gaming.

Hahaha, that's actually a great way of putting it.

Posted by MisterMouse

Man... that is a video you have to watch to the end...

Posted by oasisbeyond

This guy proves why devs suck.

Posted by happypup70

I understand the Christmas cough Jaffe Christmas has so much snow!

Posted by tsang

"I AM SEVEN!" - That was worth it..

Posted by granderojo


Posted by Darkstorn

Awesome ending, awesome guy.

Posted by Griddler

I really should get Twisted Metal

Posted by FirebirdINF

Great list and great talk. And the daughter is a total darling.

I got 10,000,000 after watching this and played for 4 hours straight. Now I have a headache. Its ok. I dont see anything revolutionary in it yet, except the slide against the wall death mechanic.

Posted by soupbones

Awesome video - and great ending!

Edited by JesterPC238

I love Jaffe, he always seems completely genuine, and even if I don't agree with everything he says (though I do mostly) I have tons of respect for the man. Thanks for sharing!

P.S. Twisted Metal was great!

P.S.S. I feel 100% the same about Halo multiplayer vs. Other multiplayer shooters, and I'm not even a hardcore Halo fan.

Posted by Duxa

Jaffe thanks for doing this, we need more devs like you in the industry (people that arent afraid to talk their mind).

Posted by aquacadet

@tsang said:

"I AM SEVEN!" - That was worth it..

Jaffe's kid is adorable.

Posted by charles_xavier

Cute kid.  How much you want for it?

Posted by Snakepond

Best video ending this year. great stuff.

Posted by iceveiled

I love this man.

Posted by ptc

Like everyone said, stick around for the last 30 secs. Pure gold.

Oh, and what a fantastic, though provoking list by Mr. Jaffe. Well done, sir!

Posted by Shaanyboi

i can already tell, Jaffe, your daughter is going have so much 'tude.

Posted by El_Galant

Hahaha...I AM SEVEN!! Prob followed by a mothaf*ckers...this is going to be my new Comment Bubble on PS3. I AM SEVEN!!

Posted by zodstein

Couldn't get past the 5 minute mark..

Posted by namco51

Whoa, now I get Vinny's reference in another video/podcast. I'm pretty sure Vinny said "I AM SEVEN" in another show, I"m just not sure which one.

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Jaffe is the man!


Maybe you just have ADD, may I ask what your GOTY was?

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Oh man, I actually downloaded this and then failed to watch it until now for some reason. Very interesting perspective on those games and a very good list. The ending was fun too!

Posted by RetroVirus

Nice to see McPixel getting some representation!

Posted by CharlesAlanRatliff

Unique list! Heard a lot about games I otherwise wouldn't have. Will check out Thirty Flights of Loving. Also, best ending.