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Loved these games as a kid

Posted by Bitronix

Alex is getting in on the action!

Posted by Ghostiet

Wait, Alex? The feature expands!

Posted by forkboy

Oh god, I loved visiting my fathers friends because their kid was the only person I knew who had this game. And it was awesome

Posted by jeffrud

Holy shit, it's my childhood!

Posted by Error1355


Posted by Alex

Let me know what you all think of this one. This is my first self-produced video, so if there are issues with image quality/audio levels/my rambling, constantly distracted sentences, please do let me know. Want to get good at this!

Posted by Nerdboxer

Wuhhhhtt??? Alex in a video again? Yay!

Posted by Scotto

It always surprised me how little discussion the N64-era THQ WCW wrestling games got from Jeff, because they were fan-fucking-tastic. Especially compared to the shitty WWF games Acclaim was putting out at the same time.

Posted by pyromagnestir

@Error1355 said:


Fuck yes.

Posted by C0V3RT

I played the shit out of this game. Good choice, Alex!

Posted by Alex

@Scotto: Jeff hates them, that's why. He always preferred the Acclaim games. So, yes, there was one of them.

Posted by hussatron

Quick Look all the games! Glad to see Alex putting out some video content.

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Posted by Chaser324

Yes! I'm a huge fan of these old AKI engine games. I spent countless hours playing WWF Wrestlemania 2000 and Def Jam Fight for New York was a college multiplayer staple.

Posted by SeanFoster

This game was a great precursor to No Mercy. :D

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YES N64 WRASSLIN' IS CLASSIC WRASSLIN FOR ME. I was about Wrestlemania 2000 though.

Pretty good video for the first take! I liked the mix of wrestling history as well as the insight into the bugs and the weird Japanese pseudo real wrestlers. I'd say don't be afraid to crank the volume up a bit as I had to turn my stuff way up (more than I usually have to for Giant Bomb videos).

The perspective of the game at the time it came out and how it inspired the mechanical linage in games we have now like robust create-a-wrestler modes and elaborate intros really makes the video work seeing if you care about Wrestling games.

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Wait is Alex is Glacier fan? Alex you just got way cooler in my opinion.

Posted by gbrading

You've sold me Alex. Anyone who owns a Clockwork Orange poster is alright by me.

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No youtube player? Come on Alex. It's the only player that works.

Also, your mic has an odd crackle to it when you speak.

edit: only seems to be at the beginning, nevermind.

Posted by Grilledcheez

My friends still play this somewhat regularly haha

Posted by MjHealy

@Alex: Ever have much love for the THQ PS1 WWF games? Love Smackdown 1 & 2.


Posted by kunoh

N64 blurry textures ftw

Posted by wumbo3000

Awesome, more Alex in video!

Man, the character models look like Legos with those polygons. Yeesh.

Posted by Alex

@Canteu: It's probably still uploading to YouTube. Give it a bit.

Posted by myketuna

I wish AKI was still making the Def Jam games. I got into Vendetta and Fight for NY (more so the latter) because it reminded me so much of these wrestling games. This one especially.

Posted by yevinorion

Man...I LOOOOOVED this game. It came out right at the time I was hugely into wrestling. Both this and WCW World Tour.

Posted by defcomm

good shit alex

Posted by Sogeman

nice, audio that doesn't hurt my ears. Jeff should follow.

Posted by DrWaffles


Posted by Canteu

@Alex: alright, duder. Had a feeling that might be it.

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@Alex said:

@Scotto: Jeff hates them, that's why. He always preferred the Acclaim games. So, yes, there was one of them.

That's crazy. The Acclaim games always focused on better wrestler entrances and stuff, but the core gameplay was terrible. And since the N64 was virtually incapable of CD-quality music, or FMV, the entrances were almost always a looping, terrible sounding clip of the person's entrance music, with a blurry slideshow playing on the Jumbotron behind them.

On the flip-side, I lost entire summers to the WCW games -- especially this particular game.

There was no better for wrestling games in my opinion, until the Smackdown! game on original Playstation.

Posted by EndlessObsidian

This is my childhood.

Posted by fargofallout

Sweet. I love having this stuff to watch/listen to while at work. Keep 'em coming! (also, I'd love for someone to do Blast Corps - I haven't played it in forever, and I don't want to bust out my N64)

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Thanks Alex, the other day I was thinking that Giant Bomb didn't have a lot of videos featuring N64 games which happens to be the Nintendo system I have least experience with (except for the WiiU).

Posted by cannonballBAM


Posted by Flappy

I can dig it. Good job, Alex.

Posted by kidman

Oh Em Gee. The game I bought N64 for. Yes, my nickname is after this game's Cruiserweight champ.

Posted by Hunter5024

WCW? Ewwwww.

Posted by MikkaQ

Sweet, I just collected like 5 of these N64 wrestling games this year. This one and No Mercy were the best ones.

Posted by forkboy

Oh no , did you just badmouth the impeachable Finlay? Man, he had a great run in the WWE considering how old he was at the time. He'd just go in there & punch guys, it was a nice kind of old school blast among the leagues of guys that are totally unremarkable like your Dolph Zigglers & Epico Colons.

And since there's some talk of Attitude/Warzone games, this was always one of my favourite things from those games. Ahmed Johnson's rather passionate promos with the incredible backgrounds.

Posted by sqrabbit

Alex, your mic level is perfect. You should share your setup with Jeff. His home mic is way too loud on his encyclopedia videos.

Posted by LackingSaint

Wow, all this time and I only just noticed the 'Nicolas Cage'-ian inflection to Alex's voice.

Posted by joshthebear

Sweet Christ, yes. This, Wrestlemania 2000, and No Mercy are the high points of wrestling games.

Posted by Korolev

Good to see Alex being more involved with the site.

Posted by UberExplodey

fuck yesss

Posted by aidros

This is my favorite wrestling game of all time. Best memories of the N64 for me right here...

Posted by Scotto

@joshthebear said:

Sweet Christ, yes. This, Wrestlemania 2000, and No Mercy are the high points of wrestling games.

WWF SmackDown! on the PS1 was a great game, too. I remember begging to hang out with my friend at his house, so we could play it.

Posted by TheLark

I very much approve of this! Seeing as the Wrasslin' forum is the biggest on site, and Alex is a wrasslin fan how about encyclopedia of all the wrasslin' games!?!?!