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Oh man i remember this game. SO DOPE! My friends and I spent hours playing the Battle Royale mode.

Posted by Phatmac

Yay, Alex is in a Giant Bomb video!

Posted by evanbower

@Alex said:

Let me know what you all think of this one. This is my first self-produced video, so if there are issues with image quality/audio levels/my rambling, constantly distracted sentences, please do let me know. Want to get good at this!

So happy to see you get in on the action Alex. Also, excellent pick for your first video.

Posted by theimmortalbum

This is the greatest wrestling game of all time. ALL. TIME.

Posted by Accolade

The last time I saw this, it was sitting on the new games shelf at Blockbuster.

Posted by boxoflawls

I nostalgia so hard.

Posted by Foggen

This game was really good. First wrestling game since SNES Wrestlemania to actually hold my interest.

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Posted by RiotControl

I don't even want to know how many hours I put into this game. I liked to play as Booker T because of his weird body clothesline that had him and no other character in the game float in the air for a second or so longer. It basically defied gravity and made it hard for anyone to stop it.

Posted by kidman

What do you think about Day of Reckoning 1 and 2 for the GCN ? As a fan of AKI games I find them really cool. Not No Mercy-cool, but still way better than smackdown vs raw.

Posted by angelsson

I loooved this game to death back in the day. No Wrestling game since then has come close to it.

Posted by Monkeyman04

YES! More Alex videos!

Posted by Maajin

Navajo Tribe represent!

Posted by Kidavenger

One of my favorite games at the time, and I didn't watch wrestling.

Posted by Excast

Impressive wrestling knowledge from Alex. Great video. Keep them coming.

Posted by AngeTheDude

Great stuff, Alex!

Scott Norton was actually pretty good. He did all his meaningful stuff in New Japan. There's some cool matches like him vs. Hashimoto, vs. Great Muta, tagging with Big Bossman vs. Great Muta and Sting, as much more. I thought he sucked when I saw him in WCW too.

Posted by wafflestomp

Good Stuff!

Posted by cheddardust

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 forever.

Posted by Alex

@AngeTheDude: Yeah, I realized I harshed on Norton a bit, but mostly just because his WCW run was pretty worthless. I have a few old NJPW tapes with some of his better matches. Dude definitely played the big Western monster role pretty well.

Posted by Krystal_Sackful

Alex, could you talk about Fire Pro Wrestling as well? I know next to nothing about the series. I'm very interested.

Posted by MHumphreys89

Why didn't Sting try to break the pin-fall?

Posted by ariastama

My favorite from that area will always be No Mercy.

Posted by PosableActionFigure

Really enjoyed this video

Posted by big_jon

@cheddardust said:

WWF Wrestlemania 2000 forever.

This and No Mercy are the correct answers.

Posted by big_jon

@Alex: Made me pants happy.

Posted by Picard

I never played this game - only WCW game I remember playing was "WCW Wrestling" for the NES. I think it had the Road Warriors on the cover. I'm sure the game is shit - but Ioved it as a little kid. lol

Posted by Hunter5024

So here's my dream wrestling game: You can cut promos using a Walking Dead style dialogue system, which affects the context of the matches that your player fights in. The wrestling itself is exactly like Asura's Wrath, with a burst meter that you're trying to fill up by getting the crowd pumped using a pretty rudimentary fighting system, and a series of taunts and show boating options, and when you fill that meter you get to do a heavily scripted quick time event style "spot." When you fail the QTE's the combo still progresses, but it's clear that the wrestler is fumbling and not selling the hits as well. The story is basically like a found footage movie, in which the film makers are trying to make a Beyond The Mat style documentary, but because the insidious wrestling company is trying to show a more family friendly image they are enforcing very strict control over what the final product will become. So there's a contrast between the footage that the company approves which is generally pretty positive, and the hidden camera style shots in which the wrestling fourth wall is frequently broken and the whole family friendly image is shattered, revealing the super insidious politics behind the whole affair, and the more you see the more you come to understand why this documentary was never released.

Posted by ApolloBob

I care fuck-all about wrestling games, but I'm here to represent the Navarro Nation.

Posted by iceman228433

man i fucking loved this game and that menu music I still remember that like it was yesterday.

Posted by williamflipper

Alex is really good on video, he know how to make an interesting video about a game genre I couldn't care less.

Posted by xtafxfoulfellow

WWF No Mercy: greatest wrestling game ever

Posted by Generiko

I liked Raw 2

Posted by Undeadpool

Aw yeah, Navarro content!

@xtafxfoulfellow said:

WWF No Mercy: greatest wrestling game ever

Truly. Truly. (Branching storylines depending on wins/losses AND a Story Mode POST-CHAMPIONSHIP?!?! So damn good)

Posted by Roy42

Posted by Alex

@Roy42: I'll give it a tiny bump next time. Thanks for that!

Posted by aquamarin

Great roster.

Posted by zombiesatemycereal

I totally remember Kronik.

Posted by The_Reflection

The greatest quick look OF ALL TIME!

Posted by Nerdmotron

Played this one a lot when it first came out. Really simple but such good fun.

Also thumbs up for Alex putting more video content on the site.

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fucking loved this game as a kid

nice vid nice flair gj alex

Posted by UltimAXE

Ooh. I really hope that every GB staff member ultimately ends up contributing to this video series.

Posted by Reddy1124

New Encyclopedia Bombastica, wrestling, and Alex all in one video. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited.

Posted by Vuud

Why do I never see Koko B. Ware in these wrasslin games? Was he ever in a video game?

Posted by Grimmy616

@Alex: I remember Kronik. Also fyi Konnan has spent a lot of time in TNA for awhile and even had a pretty cool stable with the Latin American Exchange (LAX). Came out in a wheelchair directing his cronies to do his dirty work.

Posted by JoeyRavn

So, Alex joins Jeff in the Encyclopedia Bombastica. You could say that they are...

... in collusion.

Posted by crapdragoon

I loved this game so much as a kid and I rented this game so many times i could of purchased it. haha

WWF No mercy is also fantastic, as it allowed you to create you own character, and added more modes and tables and things.

Posted by anzejk

YAAAAAY! Alex, you should do more videos. I think people here (incl. me) really miss you. Great video by the way. Stay cool, duder! ;)

Posted by BD_Mr_Bubbles

@jeffrud said:

Holy shit, it's my childhood!

Also love that this feature is expanding.

Posted by Alex

@Grimmy616: Completely forgot about his TNA run, mostly because two things in this world I do not enjoy are Konnan and TNA Wrestling. I'll take your word for it on this one.

Posted by Xtrminatr

I fucking loved this game.