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Posted by Redbullet685

WWF No Mercy is the best wrestling game of all time. Easily.

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Posted by Lingxor

This is fucking great.

Posted by metalliccookies

Yay, I love these Encyclopedia Bombasticas :D Keep them coming guys also great to see more of Alex :3

Posted by C2C

Now I just want Alex to do an overview of every wrestling game ever.

Posted by ibruemleve

This game has taken days from my childhood. Thanks for the nostalgia fix alex!

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Posted by Fallen189

I would love to see a WWF no mercy EB

Posted by thirteenyahs

played these AKI wrestling games to death, really want an HD update.

Posted by mrfluke

yessss love that theres another person joining in on this now

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Posted by OfficerMeatbeef

Never gave a damn about wrestling, though I'd catch some with a friend who was big into it. Back when this series first started (World Tour) I pretty much rented everything that came out for N64 at least once though, so I gave it a shot. Ended up really loving it for the gameplay reasons mentioned here, and the followups just kept getting better. Still the only wrestling game series I've played that's done anything for me.

The play just felt right from the start and only got tighter as the series went. The relative simplicity of the fighting system totally worked, and it was never not satisfying to time a counter perfectly to catch a kick and toss the chump to the ground, or nail a good flying elbow from the turnbuckle juuuust before the other guy was going to get up, or getting the timing just right on a reversal and see a move suddenly swing your way. Though I found it somewhat crazy to hear Alex turned off TKOs, if only because perhaps the most satisfying thing in the game for me was when you'd nail a big superman punch on a weakened opponent and it would make this glorious "KE-THONK" sound as the guy staggers back and crumples. I guess I can see his point that a system so simple wouldn't work with what's expected today, but still...

As the series progressed My friend pored over every bit of preview info he could get his hands on (and previewing those games was basically a whole section of IGN at the time) and spent hours just making wrestlers and setting up intros etc. in the later versions. Even buying a Gameshark just for screwing around more, just like Alex. I was just glad to have someone pretty much always eager to play at any time; all the extra customization stuff was cool and all, but the relatively simple yet sturdy gameplay is what did it for me. Though I couldn't deny that the crazy amount of aesthetic detail they managed to cram into the later releases (No Mercy in particular) didn't impress me, either.

Posted by deano546

Never played this, but loved no mercy 64, was this as good as/better than it?

Posted by Nals

figured you'd like to see what Aki is up to now.


It's always sad to check and see what childhood game devs are doing now I've found.

Posted by tsang

Hope to see you in more videos

Posted by ZagZagovich

This is pretty dope. Keep doing this. Also fuck, I really missed Alex. Glad to see im in an animated form.

Posted by KaneRobot

Mortis was so much cooler than Glacier.

Posted by Meepasaurus

I too played the shit out of this game with my friends, and I didn't even like wrassling!

Posted by Alex

@Nals: My understanding is that anyone there who worked on that wrestling stuff left years before even the changeover to Syn Sophia. I met the lead guy at the studio once briefly while doing press for those Ultimate M.U.S.C.L.E. GameCube games, and told him I was a fan of their stuff, especially VPW 2. He seemed pretty blown away that anyone in the US even knew about that franchise, let alone paid attention to who was making these games. One of the few E3 moments that ever left a real impression with me.

Posted by DazzHardy

A video featuring Alex ? YES! 
It's Wrestling related ? YES!! 
It's an N64 Aki game ? YES! YES!YES!!

Posted by OneKillWonder_

I have to say, Alex, I don't appreciate your attitude towards Goldberg.

Posted by MannySavior

Good to see Alex join in on this stuff, but screw him for hating on Fit Finlay. That dude is one of the few legit bad asses in pro wrestling!

Posted by phil87z

I played the hell out of this game as a kid. God damn this brings me back

Posted by JayCee

Love that Alex is getting in on the fun. Welcome back sir!

Posted by DickSocrates

Only problem with the video is the sound level. Everything else is fine.

I still consider these games superior to what Yukes do with the WWE license. The spirit based gameplay makes the matches strategic, you can't do the more damaging moves right away. Yukes games are purely timing based and for me that makes them worthless. There's no 'game', just 2 guys with moves flailing at each other.

Posted by neimer

As someone who was also a die-hard WCW fan, it's great to see someone take a look at this classic. Also, , did you ever play WCW Nitro? I had it for the PC (which is kind of odd seeing as how there are so few PC wrestling games). The only things I remember about it are the awesome FMV wrestler clips, and the cheat code to get a disco/party ring with flashing lights and colors.

Posted by Atwa

Good thing, if we are going to cover EVERY game someone needs to help jeff carry the load.

Posted by papercut

, I remember Kronik unfortunately.

Posted by handsomeb

Man, I played the hell out of these games and I never saw that combo meter until today.

And I know what you're saying about the CPU being easy, but the control simplicity lent itself to some truly epic 4 player matches.

Posted by MarvinPontiac

Fuck. Yes. One of the best games of all time.

Posted by CJduke

I played this game so much as a kid!

Posted by OtterChaos

Loved this Alex and I don't even like wrestling games. You kept me watching with the background info on the wrestlers and the story lines from back in the day. I think I need to read up on Chris Benoit, when I saw his name on the list something in the back of my head said "there is some story with this guy right"?,

Posted by SvarteJack

Woho! Moar Alex!

Posted by Tobiass

muh god. I love this game

Posted by LegendaryChopChop

No Jeff? Sucks. I thought this was his feature.

Oh well, time to watch anyway.

Posted by Hexuality

Gonna throw it out there and say that Alex's setup is infinitely better sounding than Jeffs.

Posted by fluxbit

R. I. P.

Posted by FoolInjection

I remember playing a tonne of this game when I was younger. Me and my brother would play the tag-team championship going as 2 of the 4 Horsemen on the WCW at the time; Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit.

We used to sit up late and watch WCW Monday Nitro on TNT after Cartoon Network switched off on cable TV in the UK on a Friday. I remember watching the massive run of Goldberg being like 150 wins and no losses. I remember DDP and Jay Leno fighting "Hollywood" Hogan and Eric Bischoff because they invaded his show. Then the whole David Arquette thing. Hardcore Matches with Insane Clown Posse. I was a big WCW fan.

My favorite arena in this though was Starcade. The background music for that was the best in the game I thought.

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And Vitrual Pro Wrestling 2 does have former general manager of Smackdown and Raw and former executive of talent relations John Laurinaitis.

People Power :(

Also, yeah Glacier...

Posted by MannySavior

@OtterChaos said:

Loved this Alex and I don't even like wrestling games. You kept me watching with the background info on the wrestlers and the story lines from back in the day. I think I need to read up on Chris Benoit, when I saw his name on the list something in the back of my head said "there is some story with this guy right"?,

Quite the story indeed. Also one of the sadder ones to come out of the already depressing real life stories of a lot of these guys.

Posted by Phished0ne

I'll just leave this:

(as popularized by botchamania)


Posted by amlabella

Great stuff Alex! I'm pretty sure I have this one in a bin somewhere along with a couple of other WCW/nWo games.

Posted by deox

Hell yeah! Me and my cousins played the shit out of this game when we were kids.

It's great to see you doing some video content, Alex. Keep it coming!

Posted by kennybaese

I am completely on board with Alex doing a bunch of these videos.

Posted by fox01313

Great video piece Alex, can't wait to see more. Hopefully more of the GB crew will follow Jeff's lead to cover some of their favorite classic games with Bombastica videos in addition to whatever Jeff & Alex come up with covering.

Posted by bkbroiler

Excited to watch this! One thought, , if you'll humor me. I'd love to see you quick look a football game or something that you enjoy, and point out how you review it - how it differs from previous versions, etc. That's always been interesting to me. Maybe beyond the scope of this feature, though.

Posted by Ravelle

Good to see some Alex!

Posted by DaBuddaDa

The volume is a bit too low. I had to crank my speakers to max volume to get a good listen.

Posted by TepidShark

Great to finally see videos with Alex again.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I like that Sting has the ability to just fall out of the sky.